Saturday 6 March 2010

Monster Mash

Having just painted a new SoBH warband it was only natural the ArabianSquire would want to play something completely different -  Firefly Games "Monster Island". We were joined by my brother, ArabianOtherknight, so a 3 way battle ensued.

For the first set-to the monsters chosen were ElectoTron (Robot), Kajiro (Not-Godzila) and Komukade (Insect). The Island Terrain included a central swamp area, a handful of geysers and a pletora of trees & (blue) rocks. Not-Godzilla started at the top of the picture.

Everyone made a move to the center of the table (avoiding the swamp)

Kajiro and Komukade tangled first, exchanging blows, with ElectoTron slowly making its way round to join in.

With the giant dinosaur distracted the robot sneaked round behind him and hacked him down, out of the fight, with a savage Razor sword attack.

Komukade then took advantage of the celebrating Robot to grab and throw onto a geyser. Fortunately it didn't errupt. 

After an exchange of ranged attacks (rocks thrown by Komukade and an electric blast from ElectoTron) Electro came into Hand-to-hand, and with the advantage of it's powerful swords cut down the giant insect to rule the island.

A second match up was decided with different monsters this time. The combatants were the MegaKong, Giant archnid Macrocheira and the armour plated dino Steg-a-atora. 

Steg-a-tora moved to the hill crest to roar his challenge over the island. Macrocheira responded by cocooning him in it's steel-like web and moving in to grab whilst the dino struggled to release itself. 

MegaKong closed in and threw an uprooted tree at the pair, but missed.

The giant spider responded by throwing the grappled Steg-a-tora at the giant ape, and before the dinosaur could respond it was pushed into the geyser, 

which this time went off. Fortunately Steg-a-tora is built like a tank and it survived the watery assault.

The spider rushed over to and piledrived MegaKong into the turf, letting Steg-a-tora recover and sneak round the back for an attack.

Poor Macrocheira ended up as the filling in a monster sandwich and it was crushed.

MegaKong moved forward and grabbed Steg-a-tora. The armoured dinosaur was no match for the awesome strength of the mighty ape, and over the next 3 rounds, despite it's desperate thrashing, was held and squeezed to its end.

Mega Kong reigned over the island....until the next challenge.


  1. A very dynamic battle. I used to love watching those Japanese monster movies in the theater as a kid and now I watch them at home on DVD.

    Nice pictures too.

    Would you like to exchange links?

    Mike "Bunkermeister" Creek

  2. Mike, I'd meant to get in touch. That is fine. You've ALOT of stuff there. I'm going to set up a list/blogroll in the next couple of days. Consider yourself hapily on it.

    cheers for now.