Wednesday 6 November 2019

The Laketown Cheese Thieves

I had the pleasure of playing Jimboba (author of the Warchest blog) at Falkirk Wargames Club this week. We'd agreed a 400pt game of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes. I brought along my Dwarf warbands whereas Jimboba had his super cure Splintered Light animals.
The Prince looks round the market with his guards.
The scenario was this. The Dwarven Prince had decided to visit the Laketown market. Guards were stationed around the board. The Animals entered from a random edge (once all guards had been deployed). The objective was for the mice in the warband to get to the market and steal some cheese . The Princes forces are trying to stop them.

A guard rushes in to head off 2 Otter archers.
Unfortunately for the Dwarves, the Animals randomly came in from the (slightly) nearest edge, with two approaches routes to the market. Poor activations rolls also left the Princes forces a bit threadbare, despite Jimboba sportingly rolling a few turnovers!

The two leaders go toe to toe. 
In the end the difference was made by the two powerful badgers, especially when they combined forces. A few Dwarves dived into the water as a result of moral failures when the Prince went down (and force levels dipped below 50%). The rest were taken care of despite a last gasp charge at the Brock leader. The townsfolks crackers would be bare tonight!

The Dwarven Prince goes down to a wall of
badger muscle, with the mice following in behind.
Good fun, especially with the animal figures and Jimboba's pretty setup.


  1. Replies
    1. Jimboba's terrain collection really came up trumps. A joy to play on.

  2. I love Laketown! Looks like a film set!

    1. Indeed. The painting combined with the lovely water base really make it look great.

  3. Fantastic table and miniatures!