IHMN Campaign: The Super Weapon

This is a page to chronicle the inaugral "In Her Majesty's Name" campaign between MacSver and myself. MacSver is using a derivation of his Lord Curr Company, whilst his opponents will be straight from the Palace, led by Queen Victoria herself. Also a new experiment, we are running with a narrative campaign.

In addition to the scenario XP rewards (as detailed in the IHMN rulebook) we will be using an extra  gold reward system of d3 x 10 pounds for the winner and d3 x 5 for the battle loser. This money can only be spent hiring new recruits, whilst the XP points can be spent on anything (recruits, talents, stats or equipment).

Lord Curr's Super Weapon

And so the tale unfolds.  Lord Curr's Q Division have unearthed plans for a dastardly Secret Super Weapon but have need of a number of vital components to complete it. Lord Curr has set off with a selection of his charges to Italy, where he plans to intercept an unsuspecting courier transporting a packet, the contents of which may lead him to the missing components.

Victoria's global intelligence network has monitored Lord Curr's movements and she assembled a team to intercept in Venice. The nature of Lord Curr's plan is unknown at this moment, but the gathered information leads her to believe that it may look to strike at the very core of The British Empire.

Battle #1: Rendezvous  at the Piazza.

With Lord Curr away with the courier, Victoria could only wait for more information to come in from British Intelligence. She was sure that once the young courier girl had been interrogated he would turn up.

In the meantime Grounds-keeper William was called into the assembled response group. Being a faithful servant to the Crown she could trust that he would not prattle to Fleet Street and un-necessarily worry the populace.

Then news came that Lord Curr had travelled over the the South Western United States of America to see an estranged  Hungarian mathematician called Csongor Bolyai. Curr's group had the advantage of a few days sale, but Victoria had the resources of The Empire to hand, and more specifically her Q Division, and the clandestine aquisition of a mole machine would see her catch up.

The shorter travel time was not quick enough to stop the meeting over in the former colony, however, but there was still time so intercept the enemy force on their way home. With lighter numbers somewhere with a restricted path was chosen, locally known as "Scorpion Valley". There would more than creepy crawlies waiting for Lord Curr this time though.

The young courier, Elvira Syng, has joined Lord Curr's company after her ordeal in their clutches. There is still a question, however, where her loyalties lie deep down....

Battle #2: Breakthrough The Badlands.

With the plans (and Dakota) on a boat headed downriver the next meeting of the forces seemed to have been set up at the next port of call, Obssesion.

Having suffered the first death of the Campaign, Victoria signalled for her trusted surgeon, Sir James Reid, to meet them at the Western town.

Lord Curr hot footed it to town, aware that he was missing the faithful hound, Dakota and that Mohan Singh (and machine gun) was too injured to make the journey.

Battle #3: A Trip to Obsession.

Not only had the trip across the Altantic been costly, but Lord Curr had come back in worst wear. Some of his gold had been spent to retrieve Dakota, and he could only hope that Remington Newel recovered in time for the next battle (which was looking unlikely). One the Incorrigibles was left buried in foreign climates and the side berth of Colonel Burns was sadly empty. Curr could only remember him leading the charge in his steam chair whilst whilst stroking Dakota and looking out over the ocean waves.

Back in London, Elvira was being debriefed from her time in the enemy's camp. Her information accompanied with her Majesty's Spy network seemed to suggest that the road towards the next encounter led towards Hungary. So furnishing her spy with a pistol and telling Groundkeeper William to stop by stores for a better lined jacket Victoria gathered her Company (plus a new Rifleman recruit) and headed off for the next confrontation.

Battle #4: Cathedral Battle

The loss of lore from the Cathdral vaults had been a blow, but not an insurmountable one for Lord Curr. He still had other minds to pick and gathered his company, with Remington Newel recovered, and headed off.

Encouraged by the latest victory, Queen Victoria put her best minds to task to guess where Lord Curr may turn to next. Although they still did not know what Lord Curr was planning, there was a celebrated inventor, sympathetic to Curr's cause, who it seemed certain would be next on the list of visits. The Guards were again assembled, this time with some heavier armament reinforcements and the expedition set off once more.

Battle #5: A Stroll In The Park 

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