Thursday 27 July 2023

Never too Late


Halo*Star was been (slowly) painting up some Space Marine Scouts, and has just finished them in time for GW to phase them out! Timing is everything as they say.

Saturday 15 July 2023

WIP - Majestic 13 Troopers


I picked up a copy of Snarling Badgers new solo\coop ruleset "Majestic 13" this week, or at least the pdf with the hard copy on it's way. If you've not heard about it think "XCom", linked campaign missions of small squads taking on an Alien menace with different objectives and hazards. The game is miniature agnostic, so despite technically having figures already painted up that could step into the action, what better time than to delve into the depths of the lead pile and get some new painted figures done. It's almost as if we are forward planning or something!

Monday 3 July 2023