Friday 18 September 2020

The Trouble with Orcs - Part 4


Staying with the classics theme I picked an 80's Citadel Orc Champion as my next victim. In an "old meets new" way I thought I'd brave some G.W. Contrast Orc Flesh on him. The results were poor, with the heavy pigments saturating even the generous muscular sculpting of this veteran. So out came an old citadel paint. I don't know what the colours name is as it is 25+ years old and came in a box set so had no label on it! It has brought the flesh up to a bright old school green which is quite effective with the dark contrast paint still in the deep crevices  - so big grins all round! 

Tuesday 8 September 2020

A Sense of Dredd


It's all Dredd at the moment (or at least a large percentage is). I'm slowly but steadily painting up my Judge Dredd Starter Set (10% off here ;) )  from Warlord games. A thread on the Facebookk Judge Dredd page has started m on another project though - 15mm Judges.