Monday, 29 June 2020

Judge Dredd: Starter Box Judges

A new project for me. Stocking The Judge Dredd (and Strontium Dog) sets from Warlord games has given me the excuse to start a 2000AD project.

Like many, I was hooked on 2000AD as a teenager, moving from the Brit comics of Warlord and Victor to the more dystopian future of Megacity One, SD agency Hunting grounds and Nu Earth. So it's with great excitement that I unpacked these for the shelves.

To get me in the mood the two Judges from the Starter box are first. There have been various colour tones over the decades, but I decided to opt for a brighter, comic palette. And I'm very happy with the outcome. As ever they are for my tabletop standard, so don't bear up to close inspection, but once the iconic uniform is hunting down Perps they'll really be in their element.


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