Sunday 13 August 2017

Dragon Rampant (again)

Rough cardboard movement trays, no terrain, strange mixes of figures?
This picture just reeks of "First Game with New Rules"!
My brother, HaloStar was over this Saturday to visit, catch up and and play a game He's been steadily building and painting a lovely Undead army of 2nd ed Warhammer figures, so I thought I'd send him a copy of Dragon Rampant a few weeks ago as I knew he had enough for a game.

Friday 4 August 2017

No Paint City Construction

Update on my new pieces for a Wild West town. After showing you the Mine Wheelhouse building  I became a bit enthusiastic and ordered up the Burlesque and Shacks kits from TT Combat as well, but more of those later.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

The Baron's Defiled Gang

As mentioned on my "returning" post, my plans for the year were slightly bushwacked by "The Curse of Dead Man's Hand". I've actually looked round the interweb a few times speculatively trying to seek out undead cowboy miniatures with little luck, so I knew I had to jump when this came out, picking up the biggest gang of undead (the pre-order scheme even gave me an extra Cursed Reverend).

One problem I did have though, especially after reading through the "Curse of..." rules, was that I wanted to get playing with the new gang as soon as possible, but with quite a few other projects on the go I knew I'd be pushed to get them painted any time soon with the proposed Zombie paint scheme. So I've done a quick "Revenging Spirits" paint scheme for the majority and only painted properly the three character pieces, the armoured "Juggernaught", Witch and of course Baron himself.

Actually this is a lie, as after starting I thought the ideal foe would be the Black Scorpion Tombstone Reverend that was sitting bare in the pile. With his beard and long coat he happens to almost fit in with the extra Cursed Reverend. Don't you just love serendipity?