Friday 29 January 2016

SoBH - The Mausoleum

Arabiansquire every now and again mentions doing some gaming again, but then slopes off his teen den to play Halo with his pals! With the shed table all set up from Frostgrave I took the opportunity to suggest a game. Happily the ArabianQueen also decided to play, possibly her first wargame in fact (or at least the first I can remember!).

For familiarity and ease of play I decided core "Song of Blades and Heroes" was the game of choice and set up 3 basic 300pt forces:
  • Wood Elves (ArabianQueen): Leader, 2 archers and 4 warriors (I dropped the forester special rule as the board had no forests!)
  • Barbarians (ArabianSquire): Leader, 1 Cavalry, 5 Warriors
  • Ratmen (Me!): Leader, Standard Bearer and 8 warriors

A single magic scroll was placed on top of the central structure. Whoever could grab it and make ift off table was the winner.

The Elves started mid table side and the other forces at the opposite side corners. The Elves started by pushing forward through the gap towards the prize.

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Frostgrave - The Mausoleum

Following up from the previous game of Frostgrave, it was time to run a proper book scenario. Given that quite a few of the scenarios require specific pieces of terrain I set up "The Mausoleum", which would also provide us with our first proper creature encounters.

The scenario has a structure in the centre with special treasures at each corner. Each player then positions a treasure token each. Additionally each player places a single skeleton warrior before play starts, and at the end of each round an additional skeleton emerges from a randomly determined doorway on one of the buildings sides.

Friday 15 January 2016

Frostgrave - In the Walled Town

After a stuttering run-through back in October it was time for a second bite at Frostgrave. The fact that I had just picked up a second of those cheap Simba castles obviously had an effect on the terrain (even down to not changing the green mat to a more appropriate one!).

Wednesday 13 January 2016

WIP Wednesday

With the wizards out the way my next main project is to get a games worth of 1/144 scale model planes built for "pimping" my Wings of War game. (Wings of War is the earlier card only version of the Wings Of Glory). Thankfully, for the sake of keeping things moving, I only need 4 planes in total to start with.

I'm looking toward the Pacific at the moment with a couple of US kits to combat my brace of Japanese models.

Tuesday 5 January 2016

New (and old) Wizards

Finished painting a trio of Wizards to help with my next Frostgrave games, or anything else.

First up is the brand spanking new Sorcerer from Studio Miniatures (due to be released this month) that I picked up at Kirriemuir Wargaming Club's show, Targe, in November. He is obviously "inspired" by Tim the Enchanter from "the Holy Grail", so I've used that as the colour mapping for my paint job.

From the other end of the new-ness scale comes an old Games Workshop Necromancer who has been sitting in the pile for years. He's a bit more dynamic and high fantasy than Tim above. I had played with the idea of trying some detailed edging to his outfit, but in the end left it plain as it nicely brought out the waist adornments.

These were to be the only two spell slingers to be painted at this time, but on looking at my painted collection I realised that I didn't really have an appropriately styled apprentice for Tim. Fortunately I had in the pile a young wizard from Ral Partha, "Denatale, Young Wandering Wizard", who fitted the bill nicely and I finished him off as a bonus. Ral Partha have some great magic users by the way if you are looking for one.