Wednesday 26 September 2012

Revised Song Of Blades & Heroes Review

So the new revised edition of "Song of Blades and Heroes" is out. But what are the differences I hear you ask?

The base core system hasn't changed, so don't worry. The layout and rule ordering has been tidied up a bit. The rule changes are additional tweeks, and happily there aren't so many that you'll get confused. I've had a look through and have noticed the following additions (although I may have missed a couple).


As anyone who has read the campaign battles on this blog (see the Dwarves vs ..... buttons on the right) movement (or lack of to be precise) has been a major part of how the battle progresses. So a couple of additional rules have been added to keep things moving (sic!). First off there is a new "Free Move" mechanic where if a figure is more that 2 Long from an enemy it can automatically move one normal move instead of activating. This will at least guarantee against those battles where a figure is always stuck in the deployment zone. Also good for Dwarves is the new One Step rule. This says that with one activation a model always has a minimum movement of one step (ie a base length) So in snow or difficult terrain those figures with short move will at least be able to move if they don't roll the required  2 actions for normal movement. Also the challange mechanic for Jumping is formalised.

Melee Combat:

Hand to Hand fighting is the same, but a couple of optional rules are introduced. One is a free follow-up movement where the combat victory can automatically keep in base to base contact when the combat result is a recoil.

The second optional rule is "Priority", which says that if in contact with more than one enemy, the attacker must target standing figures before fallen ones.

Ranged Combat:

The biggest rule change (or clarification) is that a figure on outside edge of woods can now shoot short into woods (as if it was inside woods) This will stop the times where models hide just off edge of inside the wood to avoid line of sight, know that the archer will have to enter the woods to fire (see this battle report for an example)

A regular complaint you see on the Ganesha Yahoo forum is the accusation that archers are rubbish. So the options for ranged figures have been beefed up with some new special rules. Good Shot (equivalent to an automatic aimed shot), legendary shot (a ranged shot per action) and unerring aim (halves range modifiers).


An optional rule for moral says that any unactivated figures who fail morale tests on their own turn can't activate that turn.

Special Rules:

The special rule section has been expanded with a few rules from some the expansions and a few new ones: combat master, danger sense, dashing, desert walk, gargantuan, good shot, greedy, legendary shot, rabble, unerring aim. Other special rule changes: poison and tailslap are a bit better (both take effect on a 5 or 6), Savage is a bit less powerful (can't be a ranged attack) and Undead models are now immune to terror. Rabble allows to save points on armies of mooks (all attacks are treated as lethal). There is also a full points list for all special rules (inc supplement ones) for character creation.

Optional rules are briefly mentioned for larger warbands by way of guidelines for large group activations and also sub-commanders.

And finally the rosters have been slightly expanded.

So is it worth the money? Well if you already have the rules you're eligible for a free upgrade so yes. I haven't played the new rules yet, but the movement additions will definately help bring more models into battle and give more low risk flanking options. I like the follow-up rule in melee and the new ranged special rules coulds make for some interesting character creation. Mostly of course it's been a case of "If it ain't broke don't fix it" which gets my thumbs up approval. In itself a recommendation to buy the rules if you haven't already done so.

Monday 24 September 2012

Bunnyboiler Alice

Managed to get my second Hasslefree Miniature finished in time for the deadline at WAMP. Although not up to the standards of the forum, quite happy with her. It definitely helped that I'd already painted and entered one, as the lessons learnt from that mini helped me with this one. After reading the very good article on painting clothes and fabrics in Wargames Illustrated 298 I thought I'd be brave and have a bash at giving the rabbit a check waistcoat. It doesn't stand up to close scrutiny but works OK on the table.

To move to the next "painting level" really I have to move from the high-impact-on-the-tabletop contrast paint technique to blending more I think. Skin tones are the big give-away. Something to work towards in the future maybe should I start to paint more individual character pieces, but not a technique I'll be using at the moment as I try to rattle out my armies.

Thursday 20 September 2012

A Box Full of Junk(ers)

Had one of those inner giggly, hand-clappy moments today as I opened up a box with a bargain bumper Ebay buy of Urban War Junkers:

One of the "problems" with selling a few things on Ebay is that you are on Ebay more often. That's how I stumbled across someone off loading Urban War stuff. In this case, to quote the auction:

"Brand new still in blister

Lot with various Urban War Junkers miniatures (1 of each)

  • 13602 Convict Legionaries (4 different designs)
  • 13603 Legionary Decurion
  • 13604 Legionary Sandrunner Lance attention
  • 13605 Legionary Sandrunner Lance poised
  • 13607 Lictor
  • 13620 Censor Agrippa (Character)
  • 13621 Praetorian Firing Shotgun
  • 13625 Legionary Flamethrower
  • 13626 Legionary Lancers (2 of 2 designs)
  • 13627 Legionary Grenadiers (2 of 2 designs)
  • 13628 Auxilia Decurion
  • 13629 Praetorian w/sword
  • 13631 Exo-suit Decurion
  • 13632 Praetorian Hellfire Trooper
  • 13642 Aquila Decianus
  • 13641 Praetorian Decurion
  • 13644 Loricatus (Female)
  • 34601 Auxilia Box Set = 7 Auxilia & 1 Decurion
  • 34602 Legionaries Box:  - Metropolis Box Set 5 Legionaries, 1 Flamethrower, 1 Chaingun & 1 Decurion
  • 34605 Legionary Exo-Suits Box:  - Metropolis Box Set  2 w/Chaingun, 1 Flamethrower & 1 Decurion
  • 34607 Titus IV Scorpio Clau  - Metropolis Box Set
  • 34608 Titus IV Nero CLAU
  • 34603 Legionary Lancers Unit box (Inc new sculpts)
  • 13635 Thermite Bombers (2 figs)
  • 33605 Urban War Junker  Strike Team"

Snagged for a bargain £84 inc postage (luckily covered by the sales that had me on there to start with a a bit of Birthday cash)

Love the mini's but don't know quite when I'll get them all painted up. I'll at least try and get the Strike Team done for small games.

Monday 17 September 2012

Barbarians Primed for Action

well primed anyway...

Starting to prepare for the third "Songs of Blades..." campaign between MacSver's Dwarves and whatever I can dredge up. This time out it's going to be Barbarian themed. Always wanted a barbarian force. I have a few other warbands with unpainted models, but hopefully these will be easier and quicker to paint up. Inspired by MacSver's warband of characters last campaign I've tried to get some models together which have less of a faceless rank-and-file warrior feel.

Alternative Armies & Heroquest
First up are some figures I already have. 3 Alternative Armies figures and a classic Heroquest Barbarian. The figure I've mounted on a rocky base will be the leader.
Grenadier Barbarians
To provide the bulk of the force I've had to hit the shops. 8 Grenadier (Mark Copplestone) Barbarians as sold by EM4 Miniatures

I've also bought in a couple from Hasslefree Miniatures. A Pratchett style Cohen and an Arnie style Conan.

I've also raked around to find some support from outside the the basic (just an excuse to paint up and use models I've never got round to really!). These may or may not make an appearance, depending on if we think they unbalance the game or don't fit the theme, gold accrued in the campaign, etc.

1980's GW familiar , GW Fire Elemental & Water Elemental
Ral Partha 1979 Wind Elemental, Greneaier Earth Golum (as Earth Elemental)
For a bit magic I've an old 1980's Games Workshop Familiar who looks to too much like He-man's Orko not to use. Elementals for him to summon come from a 1979 Ral Partha Air Elemental, a Grenadier Earth Golum, and from GW Fire, Air and Water Elementals.
Ral Partha Hill Giant 1977
Also, dressed to fit the theme, all the way from 1977 is a Ral Partha Hill Giant.

GW Marauders
And finally for Cavalry support some Games Workshop Marauders on knights horses (bought from the man who supplied the Minotaur Warrior in the last campaign)

As I said, all these probably will never get near the table, but act as a pool to bring on. Best get painting!

Friday 14 September 2012

Urban War - VASA Archangels

These seem to have taken an age to paint. There was alot more painting in the wings than I'd anticipated. Having the "feathers" as different colours and painting round the panel joints meant that a bit more care was required - not conducive to a quick paint scheme. I'd also wanted to do a cleaner finish as I've never really been too happy with the Archangel from when I'd painted the Starter Strike Team (she has had her paint touched up whilst these were being done as well) and th wings on my Black Legion looked better with a smoother clean paintjob.

Next on the table, in terms of VASA I have Neura and a couple of Mortar Suppressors. There may be a slight delay, mind you, as I'll a Haslefree figure to finish for the WAMP Competition and a new Fantasy Warband to start of my next Songs Of Blades Campaign.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

SoBH Campaign 2 - Beastmen vs Dwarves

Tall and Hairy vs Short and Hairy

This page is a base to catalogue my fantasy "Songs Of Blades and Heroes" campaign with my gaming buddy MacSver. I have moved the campaign page to this post to make room at the top for the next campaign (so for those avid readers this isn't anything new, just a bit of re-organising)

The basic warband makeup is Dwarf vs Beastman (with occasional Chaotic interlopers) : Initial Warband Compositions. The campaign winner is the first warband to 6 Campaign points.

Battle #1: Light the Beacon

Battle Aftermath:No Beacon lit, so Johan's Beastmen win.

Running CP Total: Dwarves 0, Beastmen 1


  • Dwarf: Falkaya Bloodsworn: Serious Injury = misses next battle
                 Falster: Moderate Injury = Q-1 next battle
                 All others: dead.
  • Beastmen: Chaos Warrior: Dead
Also a few of the warriors on both sides (Falster, 2 Younger Beastmen) were fatiqued (Q-1). If the heatwave continues into the next battle so does their fatigue.

  • The Dwarves searched around and found 20 gold.
  • The Beastmen looted 10 Gold.
  • Exploration. The dwarves found an abandoned watchtower tucked in the hill land and took refuge there. The Beastmen, full of their victory stumbled into a cyrsed glade and the oldest of the herd was cursed to Q-1 for the next battle.
  • Gold Reserves for Battle 2: Beastmen 31, Dwarves 34.

Valgen bolstered his ranks by replacing his fallen crossbow man. Johan lacked the cash to strengthen his warband significantly but used his funds to purchase a Healing Elixir (15 gold) for a future wound.

Battle Aftermath:
  • Dwarves: 32pts killed = 1 VP
  • >Beastmen 96pts killed = 4 VP - Beastmen Win
Running CP total: Dwarves 0, Beastmen 2

  • Dwarf: Valgen (personality) was robbed as he lay on the ground unconscious (not by the beastmen) losing 5 gold, but made a full recovery.
  • Beastmen: The healing Elixir was used on the fallen beastman to bring him back to full health.
  • The Beastmen could only scavange 20 gold from their victory
  • The Dwarves took full advantage of their underdog bonus for losing 2 battles in a row and scooped 50 gold
  • Exploration. The Beastmen, not learning from the the aftermath of their previous battle failed to properly look where they were going and wandered into a Haunted Wood. Fortunately the spirits left them alone. The Dwarves were too worried about their leader to do any exploration.
  • Gold Reserves for Battle 2: Beastmen 36, Dwarves 60.

Battle #3: Ambush in the Snow

Valgen had his returning wife and a new custom Beastman Slayer, who was fueled by focused hatred at the news of the previous battles. He also bought a healing potion to guard against casualties. Johan did not change his warband due to lack of funds, saving his meagre cash for future reinforcements.

Battle Aftermath:
  • With the only kill of the battle Beastmen win.
Running CP total: Dwarves 0, Beastmen 3

  • Snowbeard did not survive his injuries and died. 
  • No beastmen casualties.
  • The beastmen earned 30 gold from their victory
  • The Dwarves collected 10 gold (inc underdog bonus)
  • Exploration: The Dwarves found themselves confronted by a Dangerous Ravine, a treacherous narrow walkway the only way forward. With quite a few wobbles they all finally made it across safely. The beastmen came across a travelling caravan of merchants, but Johan's lack of haggling experience combined with the low level of funds meant he just let it pass without trade.
  • Gold Reserves for Battle 4: Beastmen 66, Dwarves 10

The Dwarves took to the field unchanged from the post-portem of battle 3 (mostly due to lack of cash). Johan brought in a Chaos Dwarf (40 Gold) to combat threat the of the Dwarven Beast Slayer.

Battle Aftermath:

  • Dwarves: Killed 82 Pts = 4 VP
  • Beasts: 274 pts made it through the board = 18VP - Beastmen Win
Running CP Total: Dwarves 0, Beastmen 4


  • Dwarves: Ror Burgermash received a Moderate Injury (Q-1 for next battle), Falkaya Bloodsworn made a full recovery and her Husband Valgen took a Healing Elixer to make a full recovery.
  • Beastmen: Grimdar the Chaos Dwarf made a full recovery, but the Heavy Armour of Kodar the Chaos Warrior didn't help him and he died.
  • The Beastmen earned 30 for their victory
  • The Dwarves musted 20 gold post battle (inc underdog bonus)
  • The night after the battle the spirit of an Adventurer visited the Beastmen camp. But due to their evil ways it didn't stay. The Dwarves didn't explorer after their defeat, too concerned about their leader.
  • Gold Reserves for Battle 5: Beastmen 56, Dwarves: 30

Battle #5: A Slippery Assassin.

With most of his warband reaching a decent Experience level there was a spate of training before the fifth battle of the campaign. A Sharpshooting crossbowman was also recruited to try and provided some additional ranged threat (30 gold). Johan brought in a fourth beastman to his crew, feeling that he needed to strengthen the core numbers of his beastman warband with beastmen and not other races or types (32 gold). He also invested in a Healing Potion (15 gold).

Battle Aftermath: Johan wasn't killed, so a Beastman win.

Running CP total: Dwarves 0, Beastmen 5

  • Dwarves: Rorr Burgermash died of his wounds, but everyone else (Cerri, Mrs Valgen and Squint) made full recoveries.
  • Beastmen: No casualties.
  • The Beastmen gathered a meagre 20 Gold post battle
  • The Dwarves gathered up 10 gold for their defeat and a further 30 gold as their underdog bonus
  • On their trek back to base the beastmen met with a Cenataur Hero. But the Centaur was not interested in joining Johan non-neutral warband. The Dwarves stumbled upon a forgotten Keg of Ale, which they gleefully added to their equipment.
  • Gold Reserves for Battle 5: Beastmen: 29, Dwarves: 40

Battle #6: King Of The Hill

Needing to bolster his forces again Valgen brought in one of his Elite Scottish cousins, and immediately plied him with the ale found at the end of the previous battle. Johan didn't make any changes to his warband, more due to lack of funds again than any tactical purpose.

Battle Aftermath: A Beastmen win

Campaign Outcome
Victory to Johan's Beastmen
( 6 Campaign Points to Nil)

Campaign Thoughts:


That all went surprisingly quick. We'd set a 6 CP victory point and expected to get in 10 games to see how the warbands developed but I suppose you never know how things will pan out.

Things that made the difference from last campaign?

Well, from my (beastmen) point of view I was up against the same racial makeup of opponent. Even though the basic beastman is no better than you normal ratman (Q4+, C3) I'd taken the experience to go into hand-to-hand against the dwarves with lesser figures. I'd also given myself a big hitter by way of the Minotaur, who was a crucial frontline for the beastmen warband. As I result I was probably more confident in the effeciveness of my forces. MacSver commented several times during the campaign that I was playing more aggressively that last campaign. I'd say more confidently, but when the action is melee combat one is pretty much like the other.

Another major factor I must say is MacSver's luck on two fronts. Firstly the weather was shocking this campaign (much like the UK summer weather outside the battleshed in fact). With his Dwarves already on short move, we had 5 scenarios in a row (Battle #2 onwards) that halved the movement rate. That means he has to roll 2 activations to move a figure once. This makes moving and attacking a 3 dice affair. Also this campaign MacSvers dice rolling has been shocking! Last campaign it could only be described as almost cheating. It was a standing joke that he'd be rolling 5s and 6s whether he needed them or not. He must have drained his dice though because the amount of ones he rolled at times beggared belief. The number of turnovers that happened with his force (considering he was rolling on an adjusted Quality 2+ alot of the time) as he struggled through the mud or snow really pushed all those short legs.


Valgen will be having a serious word with his lads before their next expedition. After an abysmal campaign against the Burger Men, he was last seen stomping off towards the warband quarters even redder in face than usual and furiously vexing Old Dwarven expletives. Even the battle-hardened warriors scuttled off and did their best to be inconspicuous. Most serious of all, Valgen was overheard threatening to remove beards with his war axe, including Mrs Maest’s.

Once again the awful weather this campaign took its toll on diminutive legs. Bad dice roll averages didn’t help but mostly it was down to strategy; Valgen stubbornly split his warband on almost all encounters with the hairy burgers, even though any single loss or injury had a serious impact on his ‘small’ (pun intended) force. Inevitably, Valgen had to draw ever more gold (no mean feat for any Dwarf) to replace losses and subsequently his warband struggled to match the increasing numbers within the enemy warband.

Overall though, it was a thoroughly enjoyable campaign and Valgen is anticipating testing out a revised strategy and hiring fresh recruits to face the challenges of new terrain, scenarios and enemies on the next outing.

Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!

Monday 10 September 2012

SoBH Campaign Battle 6

Battlefield: Forrest
Weather: Snow
Scenario: Take The High Ground
Defender: Beastmen

(New additions/changes are shown in italics. Full stats are shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maests Warband (287pts)
  • Valgen Maest: DWARF COMMANDER (98 Pts) XP: 1
  • Falkaya Bloodsworn "Mrs Maest"  (38 Pts)  XP:1
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (52 Pts) XP:1
  • Squint Ironsights: Crossbowman (29 Pts) XP: 1
  • Cerri Crakshot: Crossbowman Sharpshooter (30 Pts, ) XP: 1
  • Scotaidh Irn Bru: ELITE WARRIOR [new recruit] 40 Pts, XP: 0, Quality 3+ Combat 4+, Short Move Hatred - Beastmean. +1 to any H2H attacks against a hated foe. Must always engage hated foes first. Item - Keg of Ale. Can drink before battle. One use. +1 to Combat, -1 Quality.
Johan's Beast Herd (346pts)
  • Johan Tierpfleger: HUMAN LEADER (66 Pts) XP:1/3
  • Old Torgor: Beastman #1 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Kragos:  Beastman  #2 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Arax:  Beastman  #3 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Gorthor: Beastman #4 (32 Pts) XP:0/0
  • Sidern: Minotaur Warrior (58 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Jamwar: Young Minotaur (42 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Grimdur Gutwrencher: Chaos Dwarf (40 Pts)  XP 1/1

The scoring high ground was a hill in the clearing centre table. 4 other areas were forrest with the rest of table being open ground. The scenario voctory conditions were 1VP per full turn you were the only player/warband on the hill. Also 1 VP per 20 point killed.

The Dwarves didn't manage to move in the first couple of turns. A combination of snow (2 actions to move short) and unlucky rolling leaving them not only rooted to the spot but giving the beastmen a head start to the centre of the battleground, who by contrast were rolling many activations and making good ground.
Turn 3, and the beastmen have a foot (or hoof) hold on the hill. Every full turn where they are sole occupants of the contested raised ground earns them 1 VP. Only the Chaos dwarf was behind in Johan's group although he had a couple of good reasons. One was that he was suffering the same penalties as his foe, but also he missed a turn as the forces mutation twisted through his body, turning his skin to TOUGH scales.

Finaly Valgen's warband sprang into life, heading up table. The Beastmen, however were in control of the objective,
And as the dwarves continued their strained journey he beastmen moved into the wooded collar to take advantage of cover from ranged attacks
and wait for their foe to approach, aware that they had movement advantage through the trees.
A couple of beastmen flanked to the tree copse to the right of the advancing dwarves. Valgen was being careful to keep this low numbers from seperating out this time. He sent his trusty crossbowman Squint forward to provide some covering threat from the glowing eyes in the woods.
Squint ventured slightly to far forwards, though and a wave of fur and claw swept out of the woods, knocking him onto his backside.
This was too much for the normally restrained (for a Dwarf) Valgen, and he activated his beserk special ability.
Unfortunately the rest of his comrades couldn't take any action. Despite knocking back the attentions of Sidern the Minatuar, poor Squint was savagely dispatched by Jamwar the young minotaur, causing a morale check. Squint's fellow crossbowman took a few steps back, but the aled up new Recruit, Scotaidh (pronouned "Scotty") blanched, screamed "Och no, hud oan. F^*$ this fur a gamey sudjers!" and fled the battlefield. The other beastmen melted back into the woods (much to Jamwar's disgust as he was now left somewhat exposed)
Mrs Valgen was made of sterner stuff, though and charged into attack. Unfortunately in her haste she found herself on the floor following a strong parry from her enemy. Falster moved into position as well. Valgen was so enraged that he just charged at the nearest beastman. Unfortunately of his missus a flanking beatman had moved into position to draw the leader away from the helping his main group.
A beastman rushed out of the woods and to advatage of Falkaya's compromising position, and did so with clinical efficiency. With the smell of blood still strong in his nostils, Jamwar attacked Falgen, but the battle hardened Elite Warrior held his own and knocked down the youngster.
Despite the attentions of a couple surrounding beastmen trying to put him off Falster finished off the young Minotaur, roaring in victory over a foe that had been a thorn thoughout the previous battles.

Valgen had the last word of the battle, fully venting his fury on the beastman. But he realised that time was up, and the push for the hill was over.

Battle Result:
  • Dwarves: Killed 78pts = 3VP
  • Beastmen: Killed 107pts = 5 VP + 7 VP for commanding the Hill = 12VP
  • Beastmen Win

Friday 7 September 2012

SoBH Campaign Battle 5

Battlefield: Forrest
Weather: Thunder Storm
Scenario: Assassination
Defender: Beastmen

(New additions/changes are shown in italics. Full stats are shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maests Warband (287pts)
  • Valgen Maest: DWARF COMMANDER (98 Pts) XP: 0
  • Falkaya Bloodsworn "Mrs Maest"  (38 Pts)  XP:0
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (52 Pts) XP:1
    Giant Slayer
  • Squint Ironsights: Crossbowman (29 Pts) XP 0
    Snow walk
  • Rorr Burgarmash: Beastslayer (40 Pts) XP: 3
    Q-1 this battle (Moderate Injury)
  • Cerri Crakshot: CROSSBOWMAN Sharpshooter [New Recruit] (30 Pts, ) XP: 0Quality 4+ Combat 3 (2 H2H/4 ranged), Short Move, Medium Shooter
Johan's Beast Herd (346pts)
  • Johan Tierpfleger: HUMAN LEADER (66 Pts) XP:1/3
  • Torgor: Beastman #1 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Kragos:  Beastman  #2 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Arax:  Beastman  #3 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Gorthor: Beastman #4 (32 Pts) XP:0/0
  • Sidern: Minotaur Warrior (58 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Jamwar: Young Minotaur (42 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Grimdur Gutwrencher: Chaos Dwarf (40 Pts)  XP 1/1

The table was set up with a series of "forrest zones" (including the hills). All other flat (brown) terrain was treated as normal.

Scenario rules meant that to win the Dwarves had to kill the opposition leader, Johan, as he was the only personality. Weather rules meant that figures fell down (treated as a knockdown with free stand up next activation) on any activation roll of a "1".

The Dwarves made their way up the table, splitting their force to try and open up the Beastmen ranks. Rather than hide at the back of the battle zone, Johan sent his beasts forward to engage the foe (whilst stay a "supportive" distance behind.)
The Thunder Storm had left the conditions underfoot treacherous, and both warbands had their progress hampered. This also had the problem for the Dwarves that their relatively low numbers meant that a slipped warrior left his fellow warriors exposed. The main force holds back to group together where as the inexperience of the side group shows and they slip in their eagerness.
Taking advantage of a series of such slips, Sidern the Minotaur and Grimdur came forward to deal with the threat of Rorr the Dwarven Beastman Slayer on behalf of their beastmen comrades. The Savagery of the kill caused new recruit Cerri to falter back a step or two to compose himself.
Meanwhile, whith the beastslayer dealt with the beastmen started to move through the wooded area, taking advantage of their forrester special ability to stay away from the ranged attacks of Squint Ironsights and hope to use their movement advantage to threaten an ambush.
With the Dwarf flanking force weakened Johan distances himself from the enemy behind a wall of fir and fur. Trying to follow on from their success, Grimdur closes in, but support from his Minotaur sidekick doesn't appear as he slips on thw wet ground.
The Dwarf forces come across to support (all except Falster who seems to have put on a pair of banana boots pre-battle). The Minotaur, back up now holds back. Needing a couple of activations to get an attack in he is wary of slipping again whith so many enemy close by and also aware that his size counts against him in ranged attacks.
All the beastmen are now assembled in the woods protecting their leader and also looking for an opportunity to strike...
And an opportunity presents itself as Mrs Valgen slips at a crucial moment. The first beastman slips in his eagerness, but the second charges out of the undergrowth and slays the Dwarf.
The Dwarves numbers are now broken up. Squint makes an attack on the Minotaur, but olny knocks him back. Johan tries to move up and support but ends up on his backside, and Flaster in the background still can't get his feet moving properly.
The Dwarves decide to retreat for the next battle, but Cerri slips and is killed by his Chaotic cousin.
With the rest of the dwarves heading off, poor Squint is left to fend for himself. He see the Minotaur slip to his relief, but his attempt to break free comes to nothing...
and outnumbered he is hacked down. 

Battle Result: Johan not assassinated - Beastman win.