Monday 10 September 2012

SoBH Campaign Battle 6

Battlefield: Forrest
Weather: Snow
Scenario: Take The High Ground
Defender: Beastmen

(New additions/changes are shown in italics. Full stats are shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maests Warband (287pts)
  • Valgen Maest: DWARF COMMANDER (98 Pts) XP: 1
  • Falkaya Bloodsworn "Mrs Maest"  (38 Pts)  XP:1
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (52 Pts) XP:1
  • Squint Ironsights: Crossbowman (29 Pts) XP: 1
  • Cerri Crakshot: Crossbowman Sharpshooter (30 Pts, ) XP: 1
  • Scotaidh Irn Bru: ELITE WARRIOR [new recruit] 40 Pts, XP: 0, Quality 3+ Combat 4+, Short Move Hatred - Beastmean. +1 to any H2H attacks against a hated foe. Must always engage hated foes first. Item - Keg of Ale. Can drink before battle. One use. +1 to Combat, -1 Quality.
Johan's Beast Herd (346pts)
  • Johan Tierpfleger: HUMAN LEADER (66 Pts) XP:1/3
  • Old Torgor: Beastman #1 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Kragos:  Beastman  #2 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Arax:  Beastman  #3 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Gorthor: Beastman #4 (32 Pts) XP:0/0
  • Sidern: Minotaur Warrior (58 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Jamwar: Young Minotaur (42 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Grimdur Gutwrencher: Chaos Dwarf (40 Pts)  XP 1/1

The scoring high ground was a hill in the clearing centre table. 4 other areas were forrest with the rest of table being open ground. The scenario voctory conditions were 1VP per full turn you were the only player/warband on the hill. Also 1 VP per 20 point killed.

The Dwarves didn't manage to move in the first couple of turns. A combination of snow (2 actions to move short) and unlucky rolling leaving them not only rooted to the spot but giving the beastmen a head start to the centre of the battleground, who by contrast were rolling many activations and making good ground.
Turn 3, and the beastmen have a foot (or hoof) hold on the hill. Every full turn where they are sole occupants of the contested raised ground earns them 1 VP. Only the Chaos dwarf was behind in Johan's group although he had a couple of good reasons. One was that he was suffering the same penalties as his foe, but also he missed a turn as the forces mutation twisted through his body, turning his skin to TOUGH scales.

Finaly Valgen's warband sprang into life, heading up table. The Beastmen, however were in control of the objective,
And as the dwarves continued their strained journey he beastmen moved into the wooded collar to take advantage of cover from ranged attacks
and wait for their foe to approach, aware that they had movement advantage through the trees.
A couple of beastmen flanked to the tree copse to the right of the advancing dwarves. Valgen was being careful to keep this low numbers from seperating out this time. He sent his trusty crossbowman Squint forward to provide some covering threat from the glowing eyes in the woods.
Squint ventured slightly to far forwards, though and a wave of fur and claw swept out of the woods, knocking him onto his backside.
This was too much for the normally restrained (for a Dwarf) Valgen, and he activated his beserk special ability.
Unfortunately the rest of his comrades couldn't take any action. Despite knocking back the attentions of Sidern the Minatuar, poor Squint was savagely dispatched by Jamwar the young minotaur, causing a morale check. Squint's fellow crossbowman took a few steps back, but the aled up new Recruit, Scotaidh (pronouned "Scotty") blanched, screamed "Och no, hud oan. F^*$ this fur a gamey sudjers!" and fled the battlefield. The other beastmen melted back into the woods (much to Jamwar's disgust as he was now left somewhat exposed)
Mrs Valgen was made of sterner stuff, though and charged into attack. Unfortunately in her haste she found herself on the floor following a strong parry from her enemy. Falster moved into position as well. Valgen was so enraged that he just charged at the nearest beastman. Unfortunately of his missus a flanking beatman had moved into position to draw the leader away from the helping his main group.
A beastman rushed out of the woods and to advatage of Falkaya's compromising position, and did so with clinical efficiency. With the smell of blood still strong in his nostils, Jamwar attacked Falgen, but the battle hardened Elite Warrior held his own and knocked down the youngster.
Despite the attentions of a couple surrounding beastmen trying to put him off Falster finished off the young Minotaur, roaring in victory over a foe that had been a thorn thoughout the previous battles.

Valgen had the last word of the battle, fully venting his fury on the beastman. But he realised that time was up, and the push for the hill was over.

Battle Result:
  • Dwarves: Killed 78pts = 3VP
  • Beastmen: Killed 107pts = 5 VP + 7 VP for commanding the Hill = 12VP
  • Beastmen Win

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