Monday 24 September 2012

Bunnyboiler Alice

Managed to get my second Hasslefree Miniature finished in time for the deadline at WAMP. Although not up to the standards of the forum, quite happy with her. It definitely helped that I'd already painted and entered one, as the lessons learnt from that mini helped me with this one. After reading the very good article on painting clothes and fabrics in Wargames Illustrated 298 I thought I'd be brave and have a bash at giving the rabbit a check waistcoat. It doesn't stand up to close scrutiny but works OK on the table.

To move to the next "painting level" really I have to move from the high-impact-on-the-tabletop contrast paint technique to blending more I think. Skin tones are the big give-away. Something to work towards in the future maybe should I start to paint more individual character pieces, but not a technique I'll be using at the moment as I try to rattle out my armies.

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