Monday 29 June 2020

Judge Dredd: Starter Box Judges

A new project for me. Stocking The Judge Dredd (and Strontium Dog) sets from Warlord games has given me the excuse to start a 2000AD project.

Like many, I was hooked on 2000AD as a teenager, moving from the Brit comics of Warlord and Victor to the more dystopian future of Megacity One, SD agency Hunting grounds and Nu Earth. So it's with great excitement that I unpacked these for the shelves.

To get me in the mood the two Judges from the Starter box are first. There have been various colour tones over the decades, but I decided to opt for a brighter, comic palette. And I'm very happy with the outcome. As ever they are for my tabletop standard, so don't bear up to close inspection, but once the iconic uniform is hunting down Perps they'll really be in their element.


Friday 26 June 2020

The Trouble with Orcs (part 2)

Second Orc completed in this side project. I want to say he's an Alternative Armies figure by the style, but I can't find him on their site so I don't know (part of the job lot source).

EDIT: He's a "Mon-Oger" by Standard Miniatures. Thanks to Greg on the Alternative Armies FB page for his help

For skin tone this one couldn't be easier: White primer and Vallejo Game Ink black green. Literally that's it. I thought I'd better give his clothes a strong colour otherwise he'd look a bit washed out. 

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Southern Man

I've been casually collecting together figures for an aridarabian style fantasy warband for quite a while and finally decided to start putting some paint on them. So here I have my first test figure. He is from Harlequin's old Lord of The Rings range, bought over by Black Tree Design and then subsequently again by Scotia Grendel. This is from the "Men of the South". I have to admit that the impetus for getting them out now is that I plan to start stocking the parts of the range in the store as part of the new 28mm stock.

Paints used (mainly for my own notes):

armour: GW Retribution armour
trouserssmock: Miniature Paints Pale Flesh, Vallejo Sepia wash, Pale Flash Highlight
boots & gloves: GW Contrast Snakebite Leather
Face: GW Calthan Brown, GW Bugmans Glow, P1 Flesh
Shield Snake: GW Contrast Orc Flesh

Tuesday 9 June 2020

4A Miniatures 15mm Dwarves

It's taken me a while to get round to it, but these wee men are finally done. Very much the same style as their 28mm cousins these figured were great fun to paint. I did have my usual nightmares with the banner - I can never decide on an emblem. I tried freehand and failed miserably. I ended up printing something out and repainting the banner edges/back to match. It's OK but doesn't fit the warband theme as closely as I'd like. All done now though.

I've been told that there are spearmen on the way which will break up the sword waving a bit more.

I'll need to get them blooded on the table... 

Wednesday 3 June 2020

The Trouble With Orcs (part 1)

First painted Orc in a long time.

Despite having done fantasy roleplaying and wargaming for over 2 decades my son was surprised to find that I only have one single painted Orc (see the sad example below). This both is surprising but expected to myself. I've have a problem knuckling down to Orcs, despite them are a most obvious foe after the ubiquitous undead. 

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Lockdown Chaos (Dwarves)

With a little bit of space in the schedule now my upturn in painted figures has brought me to my new planned fantasy warband - Chaos Dwarves. I had been planning to just a pure Dwarves warband and a Mutations one as well, but so many create figures combine the both that I've finally decided to combine the two. The photo above exemplifies this. All new era Ral Partha sculpts.