Wednesday 23 November 2022

Cadet and Merc

A seemingly random pair painted up, but less so if given context. 

Halo*Star is due to make another visit soon for another game of Judge Dredd. There had been some interest mentioned at trying some sort of campaign, and having read through the rules it would seem most statisfying to have Judges who moved through the ranks. He'd also gifted my the Judge Cadet pack, so the standing figure obviously needed to be painted. I haven't done any Lawmaster builds yet from this pack (or Anderson or Joe himself) but they'll come at some point...

The Mercenary is from the latest Die Hard Miniatures Kickstarter from sculpting veteran Tim Prow. I had pledged for a group of 5 Bounty Hunter Robots and a Kev White Sculpted hover biker, but this figure was from the free add ons. She's a good bit bulkier than the 2 Stargrave figures in the previous post so I decided that some red skin to suggest a different race would fun. I'm about half-way through painting up the robots so they should be in a post soon enough.

Sunday 13 November 2022

Stargrave Specialists

After all those quick paint Orcs it was a delight to get back to painting individuals with a bit of detail again. These are two Stargrave figures, a tech and a medic, by North Star that have been sitting around since the original NickStarter for the ruleset.

I was wanting to do a dark skin tone for the Tech but my lack of experience at doing this, especially with my paints, left the skin much lighter than I was wanting once the highlights had gone on. Something I want to work on! I do love the jacket colour though.

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Orcs Assemble

After my previous Orcs post I looked out all my GW Lord Of The Rings Orcs\Uruk Hai from the project box and assembled two 12 model units. Nominally Light Infantry and  Heavy Infantry in Dragon Rampant terms. Whilst it has taken me longer to finish them than expected this was due to lack of sitting down at the paint desk rather than slow painting rate.

Saturday 5 November 2022

[Judge Dredd] Entering the Big Meg

Small corner of MC-1. A work in progress

My Brother, Halo*Star, had suggested doing some occasional gaming to get him out of the house and to get me some game time. As he'd gifted me a load of excellently painted JD figures (which I should really showcase in a post as there were more than the Judges already shown) it seemed obviously to start playing some Judge Dredd.