Sunday 16 October 2022

The Trouble with Orcs (Part 9)


So Slapchop v2 was dished out on a variety of different figures from my proposed Lord Of The Rings Orc army (notionally for Dragon Rampant).

A few negatives here in that I'd forgotten about the detail casting (or lack of) on these plastics, something I'm sure I've moaned about in the past.

Also, as far as my new found skin formula goes, the amount of skin on display in this army is minimal, so no great revelations there.

To be honest I'm pretty underwhelmed by the results here. The palette is very subdued and samey with no real eye catching detail. They do fit the feel of them in the movie though and are also only going to be used en- masse and not as individuals, which as a saving grace. They are also super fast to paint up with this method!

I think I'll paint up a unit (12 figures) of at least one type and see how they look and how long they take.

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