Tuesday 28 August 2012

Zombie Hunter Jess

1st mini uploaded to the WAMP Hasslefree Competition - Zombie Hunter Jess. Never near a winning entry, but had fun painting her up. Being a pseudo one off entry I had a wee play with trying a theme base, hence the zombie hand stretching out from behind.

The whole thing was a learning experence again. Having altered my "style" (if you can call it such) a while ago to a tabletop quality the step up to painting a single figure in a fine painting comp is quite daunting/depressing. Made a muck of the face, as feared. My paints were far too thick, and I learned that undiluted GW Flash Wash is WAY to dark! All the other blending skills, etc are lacking, with areas still painted in a blotchy highlighted fashion more akin bold to "arms length" viewing.

No good close up, but looks fine from afar. I'd rate this whole thing as educational, fun and the end result I'm looking forward to putting her on the table for a game. So success.

I'm continuing on with a second mini (deadline still towards the end of September) to hopefully put into practice some of things I've learned on Jess...

Wednesday 22 August 2012

SoBH Campaign Battle 4

Battlefield: Hill land
Weather: Heavy Rain
Scenario: Breakthrough
Defender: Dwarves

(New additions/changes are shown in italics. Full stats are shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maests Warband (256pts)
  • Valgen Maest: DWARF COMMANDER (88 Pts) XP: 3
  • Falkaya Bloodsworn "Mrs Maest"  (32 Pts)  XP:2
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (46 Pts) XP:3
  • Squint Ironsights: Crossbowman (24 Pts) XP 2
  • Rorr Burgarmash: Beastslayer (40 Pts) XP: 3
Johan's Beast Herd (356pts)
  • Johan Tierpfleger: HUMAN LEADER (66 Pts) XP:0/3
  • Torgor: Beastman #1 (36 Pts)  XP:0/3
  • Kragos:  Beastman  #2 (36 Pts)  XP:0/3
  • Arax:  Beastman  #3 (36 Pts)  XP:0/3
  • Sidern: Minotaur Warrior (58 Pts)  XP:0/3
  • Jamwar: Young Minotaur (42 Pts)  XP:0/3
  • Kodar the Cruel: Chaos Warrior (42 Pts)  XP:0/3
  • Grimdur Gutwrencher: Chaos Dwarf (New Recruit) (40 Pts)  XP 0/0
    Q 3+, C 4, Short Move, Mutant


With the hill land set up the Dwarves chose to hold the line mid table. The Beastmen set up on one side of the table.

The mud from the heavy rain made progress slow. Ideally the beastmen wanted to take advantage of their superior movement to get past the dwarven line, but they kept finding "1"s in their dice rolls and ended up slow and segmented.

With the beastmen going down one flank the dwarven line pivoted round. The Minotaur and heavily armoured Chaos Warrior led to try and hold the pass for their comrades to catch up and pass.
The beastmen tried to hold their ground, but an aimed shot from the dwarf crossbow knocked down the Chaos warrior, and the dwarve beast slayer squared up to the minotaur and knocked him down as well.
The Minotaur got back to it's feet and rejoined the affray with the beastslayer, but the Chaos Warrior failed to pull himself out the mud and Valgen moved into to finish him off, doing so with ease.
Full of confidence Thh Dwarven leader than took on the lone Mintaur. The ensuing battle between the two left Valgen on the ground, an a lowly beastman rushed down the hill to take advantage and slay the warband leader. The Grimdar the Chaos Dwarf came in to cover the straggling beastmen from the threat of the beastslayer on the hill.
Most dwarves stood steadfast as their leader fell. Only Mrs Valgen crunmbled on seeing her husband go to the sword. The Elite Warrior, Falser, looked to make amends and moved up to confront the opposing leader, Johan, but was beaten back. The Rorr The Beastslayer came down from the hill with a roar and dispatched the Chaos Dwarf in one swift move.
He then rushed in to help his comrade on the neighbouring slope, with his attack parried by his hooded foe. Things were looking bleak for the Human as he was confronted with the combined threat of two more powerful enemies.
But help came in the form of the young Mintaur. Will the beastslayer was distracted he dashed in and savagely gouged the dwarf.
The resulting loss of numbers and savage death caused the dwarves to falter and they fled to safety, leaving the beasts to go on their way.

Battle Result: Beastman Win.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Space Marine Reinforcements

Well with the hobby shed now committed to a Space Marine army I did what any frugal father would do and hit ebay. Managed to back a wee bargain for £36 all told:

1 x Spacemarine captain
1 x Spacemarine standard bearer
1 x Techmarine with power axe
1 x Spacemarine rhino
1 x Spacemarine bike
1 x Spacemarine land-speeder
3 x Spacemarine tactical squad
1 x Spacemarine devastator squad
1 x Spacemarine terminator squad
1 x Spacemarine commander (Master of the Ultramarines, Marneus Calgar)

by my rough calculations when combined with what we already have  this takes the point count well over 2000 pts (albeit very infantry heavy). I'm pretty sure that we'll be advised about the necessity of buying in some armour but we'll see. I've still to fully go through the box they came in and get all the arms back on the torsos. The figures would appear to be around mid 90's - especially as it came with a 2nd Ed Ultramarine Codex (which makes nice reading with the old mini's!)

Don't hold you're breath for them getting all painted mind you...

Monday 13 August 2012

Quick Pipe Terrain

After seeing them in a few demo games ( in games online) I thought I'd have a bash at a couple of those "Sci-fi industrial zone underground vent pipe" thingies.
Materials used:
  • uPVC Pipes bends
  • Fibreboard (or your usual basing material - cardboard, mdf, etc)
  • Hot glue gun (with glue sticks obviously)
  • PVA glue
  • sand/grit
  • cheap matt black spray paint
  • hobby paints


Picked up a couple of uPVC pipe bends at B&Q for £1.49 each. For basing I hacked off a couple of pieces from some fibre board I bought a while ago. Can't remember how much this stuff costs, but a I know a large board of it is just a few pounds (GBP). Wasn't too fussy about being exact as it they will be free standing, so the more irregular the better probably.
Sanded down the board edges to a slope and then got the hot glue gun out and glued the pieces together. 

Time to cover the bases before undercoating. A good covering of PVA glue and cover in sand/grit.

To save time in drying stages I then immediately spray painted the lot in a cheap matt black. Spraying meant that I didn't disturb the wet sand on the base and I'd only have to wait once to start the colour painting process.
Came back a couple of days later and all the sand/glue/paint was dry. Dry brush the pipes GW gunbolt metal and the bases a good brown. As a note here, something a lot of tutorial don't do is mention that you are probably best to try and match the base board/cover used on your gaming table. I use a sheet of brown leatherette as my cover so I've used a very brown base. You may prefer a grey landscape. Something I should have done with my rubble piles. I'll have to go back and sort that when I get time.
Give the pipes a wash the pipes with a colour to simulate rust and grime. Conventently I used used a watered down Miniature Paints paint called "Rust". Also the bases have a drybrush of a lighter brown.
The pipes were looking a bit too brown and blending in with the base, so another quick drybrush with boltgun metal, and a final drybrush with GW tanned flesh for the base.

Obviously you can add as much detail as you like, but I 've stopped at the basic level. Not bad for 2 sub 30 minute sessions.

Friday 10 August 2012

Urban War - Kali

Katrina Alianov (aka Kali) is one of my favourite figures. This is actually Kali mk3 in my collection, the other 2 being a plasma gunner for my Necromunda Escher Gang and the other is just a nice ready-painted example I bought on Ebay. I think it's got something about her being cute as a button, packed with attitude and sporting a huge heavy machine gun!

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Urban War - VASA Black Legion

A couple of VASA Black Legion here, ready to fly in and dispense some pain. Katrina Alianov (aka Kali) next up on the table.

Monday 6 August 2012

40000 at Claymore

OK, not the attendance figures, but if the was one number that dominated our visit to the Claymore gaming show in Edinburgh on Saturday it was 40k.

Having looked at the list of participation games for the show, one run by the "Borders Battle Bunker" entitled "40k WWI style" was pinned as top of the list by Arabiansquire.

On entering the main hall we had our cursory initial look round to get our bearings. halfway round, in the middle of the hall the aspired to game was spotted with a small crowd round it. We'd only got a couple of feet from to table before a friendly figure broke from the crowd and asked if we wanted to roll some dice. Well that was the wee lad for most of the day.

The game revolved around the simple scenario of the forces of Chaos assaulting the loyal Emperors forces to take out a high level general (who's name escapes me!). The morning session seemed to be part one of the Chaos attack. Having not played 40k much Arabiansquire was led through how many dice to roll for what test (which is common with participation games anyway) with mechanics taking second place to fun and enthusiasm.
Arabiansquire looking for saving rolls.

After more than an hour the Chaos marines round the board had reached a bloody sacrifice level to start part 2 of their assault plan, so it seemed a good time to break away for lunch and look round the rest of the show.
Urban War demo

The second game to play on our list was a demo game of Urban War, which was easily found with their banner. In previous shows I seen the Urban War guys a bit quiet to be fair, but I was glad to see that they were busy all day this time round. The two of us had a game (with stripped down rules for the show) using a couple of factions that neither of us had played before, the cyborgs of Syntha against close action forces of the Gladiators. Unfortunately (or maybe typically) I lost, with a crucial tactical blunder at the tipping point of the game (note to self, don't place your most powerful gun covering an area when the opposition don't need to move into that area to win!)

(Yet another) tactical blunder by Dad as he puts his
flame thrower on overwatch.

After that it was back to the trenches. It transpired that the Chaos Marines had spilt enough of their blood to open up a portal to let the demonic forces through. The wee lad joined back in and gleefully played with the other players form the next 1.5 / 2 hours. Being in good hands, and with our local club table just being next to the 40k battlefield, this did leave me free to wander round a few stalls and look at a couple of tables, checking back every now and again to get an indepth description of the highlights so far.
The Demons take the field.

Out the numerous nice tables around I have to highlight one (especially for Halo*Star) that was gaming in 1:35 scale. I've not seen so much of the fabled "teddy bear fur" terrain, and the models were fantastic. The fact that this was also run as a Public Participation game made it all the more special (although I'd didn't get a game).

And what did I pick up at the stalls? Well after all the interest and a few discussions round the 40k table I decided that as a new player I was better to get the new Warhammer 40k rulebook instead of waiting for the condensed rulebook to appear on ebay when the new starter sets are released (September time in the rumours I've heard are correct). I found one trader with it in stock - it's a hefty tome! Also I realised I was going to need more dice, so some were purchased. That was pretty much that, really, aside from a few small extra Kalistra trench pieces to add on to me Carronade purchases and a trio of converted fantasy dwarf mutants to add to my "Songs of Blades..." warband.

I'd just like to finally extend my thanks to the Borders Battle Bunker crew for putting on such an excellent friendly game. Arabiansquire told me numerous times that he was "absolutely loving this game". Also extra thanks to the gent (a big thanks to John ) who gifted the wee lad one of his own models (a Space Wolf Biker) to cap off a great day. Great work guys.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

SoBH Campaign Battle 3

Battlefield: Forrest
Weather: Snow
Scenario: Ambush!
Defender: Dwarves

(New additions/changes are shown in italics. Full stats are shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maests Warband (256pts)
  • Valgen Maest: DWARF COMMANDER (88 Pts) XP: 2
  • Falkaya Bloodsworn "Mrs Maest"  (32 Pts)  XP: 1
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (46 Pts) XP:2
  • Halgar Snowbeard: Warrior (26 Pts) XP: 2
  • Squint Ironsights: Crossbowman (24 Pts) XP: 1
  • Rorr Burgarmash: Beastslayer (New Recruit)
    40 Pts, XP: 0 Quality 3+, Combat 4, Short Move, Hatred (Beastmen)
Johan's Beast Herd (279pts)
  • Johan Tierpfleger: HUMAN LEADER (60 Pts) XP:2
  • Torgor: Beastman #1 (32 Pts)  XP:2
  • Kragos:  Beastman  #2 (32 Pts)  XP:2
  • Arax:  Beastman  #3 (32 Pts)  XP:2
  • Sidern: Minotaur Warrior (52 Pts)  XP:2
  • Jamwar: Young Minotaur (32 Pts)  XP:2
  • Kodar the Cruel: Chaos Warrior (39 Pts)  XP:2


As per the scenario rules MacSver set up his dwarven counters round a piece of terrain short from his table edge (he could have had some on the table edge as well but chose not to) The Dwarves had two markers for each figure. The marker would be revealed (to be false or a character of MacSver's choosing) on activation or when the enemy reached within long of the marker.

The battle didn't start well right from the off for the beastmen. First activation roll saw the Chaos Warrior, Kodar the Cruel mutate, leaving him with one worse quality.

Not wanting to take on the mystery force head on the beast herd flanked round the side of a central hill. As the dwarves would reveal themselves if any of the counters moved/activated they could make sure that they didn't get strung out.

The dwarves activated a couple of warriors to draw in the beastmen. The crossbowman took a couple of activations, but managed to climb the slippery slope to provide a bit of cover for Snowbeard the warrior.

Johan's herd cautiously came round the hill, wary of the unrevealed markers. The minotur led the way was they were aware there was a Beastman Slayer lurking somewhere.

Instead of engaging the activated dwarves the beastmen moved round one side of the hill to reveal he markers round there.

Eventually a third dwarve was revealed, the anticipated slayer. This let some of the other furred ones close in on the dwarf warrior.
Both foes held off. The snowy conditions made closing down and attacking a powerful foe a risky business.
With the enemy on their doorstep the dwarves started to reveal themselves. But it was too late for Snowbeard who hit the ground as he was pushed back into the rockface and then finished off by a supporting foe.
Two standoffs had formed as time was running out. The slayer was faced with 3 enemy, but as 2 of them were weaker beastmen they were reluctant to expose themselves moving in. The again the number of activations required by the slowing snow hampering their confidence with such a slender advantage in the battle. On the other side of the hill the dwarves were facing a sizable band.The fallen numbers of the first battle of the campaign were still fresh in their minds.
As time draw to a close both sides withdrew. With more of the campaign to play the dwarves neened to consolidate their warrior numbers having just climbed back. The beastmen were happy to have won a cagey battle without any casualties.

Outcome: Beastman Win