Monday 13 August 2012

Quick Pipe Terrain

After seeing them in a few demo games ( in games online) I thought I'd have a bash at a couple of those "Sci-fi industrial zone underground vent pipe" thingies.
Materials used:
  • uPVC Pipes bends
  • Fibreboard (or your usual basing material - cardboard, mdf, etc)
  • Hot glue gun (with glue sticks obviously)
  • PVA glue
  • sand/grit
  • cheap matt black spray paint
  • hobby paints


Picked up a couple of uPVC pipe bends at B&Q for £1.49 each. For basing I hacked off a couple of pieces from some fibre board I bought a while ago. Can't remember how much this stuff costs, but a I know a large board of it is just a few pounds (GBP). Wasn't too fussy about being exact as it they will be free standing, so the more irregular the better probably.
Sanded down the board edges to a slope and then got the hot glue gun out and glued the pieces together. 

Time to cover the bases before undercoating. A good covering of PVA glue and cover in sand/grit.

To save time in drying stages I then immediately spray painted the lot in a cheap matt black. Spraying meant that I didn't disturb the wet sand on the base and I'd only have to wait once to start the colour painting process.
Came back a couple of days later and all the sand/glue/paint was dry. Dry brush the pipes GW gunbolt metal and the bases a good brown. As a note here, something a lot of tutorial don't do is mention that you are probably best to try and match the base board/cover used on your gaming table. I use a sheet of brown leatherette as my cover so I've used a very brown base. You may prefer a grey landscape. Something I should have done with my rubble piles. I'll have to go back and sort that when I get time.
Give the pipes a wash the pipes with a colour to simulate rust and grime. Conventently I used used a watered down Miniature Paints paint called "Rust". Also the bases have a drybrush of a lighter brown.
The pipes were looking a bit too brown and blending in with the base, so another quick drybrush with boltgun metal, and a final drybrush with GW tanned flesh for the base.

Obviously you can add as much detail as you like, but I 've stopped at the basic level. Not bad for 2 sub 30 minute sessions.

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