Thursday 25 January 2018

Workbench Update

I seem to be struck with combination of January Lethargy and Hobby Over-planning - a frustrating combination! So as an attempt to spur me on I've had to resort to public scrutiny!

It's a bit of a case of past, present and future.

PAST: Trying to finish off last year's 28mm Fantasy Barbarian project. I've 4 figures to finish. 3 from Heresy and one from 4A Miniatures. and a couple of papercraft huts.

PRESENT: I'm about to embark on a Dead Man's Hand Campaign at the start of February. Campaigns in theory need 31 rep gangs to win, so I need a few reinforcements. These are the first 3.

FUTURE: (or at least Sci-fi) Some 15mm Bluemoon Nevis - for variety!

Hardly an impossible mountain. I am getting these out of the way before embarking on larger 2018 projects - still to be finalised!