Friday, 16 March 2018

Dead Man's Hand : Bloodbath @

We had meant to be playing the next Act in our Dead Man's Hand Campaign last Monday, but it was postponed due to dreaded Lurgy. MacSver had a casual game instead, playing one of the "All in!" scenarios. This was basically a grand battle with the added complication that some of the innocent townsfolk had barricaded themselves in the buildings. This meant that at test had to be made to enter a building, and a figure could even be shot at by the occupant !

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

2017 Barbarians Finished - part 2

 And now for the terrain part of the 2017 project. First up we have a lovely Ainsty Castings Stone Circle set.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

2017 Barbarians Finished - part 1

A couple of months late but I've managed to finish my 2017 28mm Fantasy project - add characters and appropriate scenery to my Barbarian Warband.

I had already added a Spearman and Dwarven couple last year, but I had another 4 figures sitting in the sidelines. Part of the delay was that the 3 Heresy miniatures required some construction, which I don't find overly enjoyable. But they all look the business now completed (or at least comparable in painting quality to my existing Barbarians.

From left to right, a Heresy miniatures Necromancer, a warrior from 4A Miniatures, a Barbarian halfling and Half Ogre (both again from Heresy).

The Necromancer comes with a skull or raven option for the left hand. The raven option helps him fit into a more natural druidic feel. The plaid on the warrior isn't the best, but I dulled it down enough to be passable on the table. The halfling I've had to make a berserker in my Song of Blades and Heroes games, as a halfling berserker is too funny a chance to pass up, no matter the lack of game logic! And the dynamic Boris figure is just great.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Dead Man's Hand Campaign Starts

Monday at the Falkirk District Wargames Club saw four of us start a Dead Man's Hand Campaign using the official "Legend of..." expansion. 

We have my Outlaw gang, Lawmen, Seventh Cavalry and Bandits. 

First game up for me was against MacSver's Lawmen playing the "For a Few Models More" act. 

Pretty familiar ground we thought, but the tweaks for "Legend..." brought a good bit of confusion to the gang compositions, leading us to forget special rules and field incorrect line-up, to my (unintentional)  ultimate advantage I must say. I have offered to replay, but MacSver has set the standard for friendly casual play to say the we'll keep the end results and put them down to learning. 

Everything will hopefully be smoother for round 2 in a few weeks time. In the meantime I really need to get some more figures painted up!