Monday 25 May 2015

The best laid plans...

No battle report this week. The regular session with MacSver was spent planning what we were going to do in our inaugural "In Her Majesty's Name" campaign.

With the themed warbands so prevalent MacSver was very keen to do a narrative campaign instead of the random(-ish) type we have used for our past Songs of Blades campaigns. I had to agree and some a simple story was devised. I had to be simple as this was our first campaign of this type and we are only playing around 6 games in it to see how the mechanics play out. All will be revealed as the campaign page goes up.

and so it begins...
All the scenarios and landscapes have been planned out as well. The imaginations were running wild as various venues round the globe are mentioned in the books. In the end the order was dictated by what scenery we had ready now, what we had nearly ready, and what we had some work to get up and running. This has inevitably pushed a couple of anticipated projects back as I focus on some terrain settings. First venue needing attention is a Cathedral. This gives me the push I needed to attack the Harry Potter Hall I've had in a crate (as seen in our first IHMN game) and also do a proper graveyard, which I've wanted for ages. The joy of this set up is that it can span so many different games that it should see a good deal of use.

Updates as they happen...

Wednesday 20 May 2015

IHMN - Monster Hunting AAR

A man made monster is prowling the foggy wilderness, attacking unsuspecting victims. A reward has been put on his head and the parties are out to collect.

Monday 11 May 2015

Game Hosting @ Carronade

Ready for the players,
The Skirmish boards were set up on Saturday for players at Carronade. It felt a bit strange wandering through the door with everyone setting up. Soon after the public doors opened MacSver appeared to lend a very able helping hand which lasted all day and for which I am incredibly grateful.

Saturday 9 May 2015

Skirmish Board: Fantasy Village - Construction

In hopeful anticipation of some folk picking up a skirmish board set or two I thought I'd best put up a "how to..." guide for the pack.

Thursday 7 May 2015

15mm Skirmish Board - Caravan Carnage

For the May holiday we took a trip up to the lovely East Neuk of Fife for a quick break in our caravan.. The weather wasn't quite as lovely all the time, but fortunately I'd looked at the forecast and taken up the Skirmish Board and accompanying kit, all compactly stored in a Pizza box. Almost as a demonstration of concept, when the rain started I cleared the small caravan dining table, set up and had a game with Arabiansquire. Almost in keeping with the pseudo impromptu nature of the game I'd forgotten my camera, so had to borrow the wee lad's ipod for photographic duties. That is the first of my poor photo excuses. If you need more, please apply in writing - I have loads!

The board was set up as above. Barbarians (Leader, Warriors and a couple of ranged slingers) in one corner and the Undead (2 Cavalry, inc the Leader, Warriors and Walking Dead) in the opposite. It was set to be a simple straight battle.