Sunday 26 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Weekend 4

Crawling and shuffling towards the end game, here are another 5 from my ZombiSmith Horde. One of them is duplicate of a figure painted for weekend 1, I'm not trying to bolster numbers by hoping you wouldn't notice, honest.

This bunch have some hidden detail. The bent over chap on the far left has a broken back (with spinal injury protruding). His neighbour in green is missing the top of his head (with exposed brain). The middle mechanic is suffering from having his head twisted round 180 degrees, and you can see that the Zed in the hat has a hole completely blown through him.

Now technically (I think) Week 4 is the last Zomtober entry, but I have 5 left over in my pile. This next week is very limited in painting time, but I'm not calling it over 'til I've finished...

Wednesday 22 October 2014

The Devil Finds Work

for idle hands they say, and so it seems.

I've had a few days off work during the October break, and yesterday Arabiansquire decided that heading off to spend the afternoon with a school pals was a better option than having his Dad tell him what to do round the house (imagine?).
Oh no! What have I done?
 So whilst he was gone I took it upon myself to re-arrange the Hobby Shed table layout and also tidy up & organise the shed contents which has been "organically" stored over the years (ie dumped some where vague sensible).

The ideal picture.
Funnily enough I've not finished yet....

Sunday 19 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Weekend 3

Weekend 3 and after a busy week I've (just) managed another 5 Zeds

A couple of these are a bit worse for ware, but I'm sure they'll spread the virus just as well.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

SoBH Campaign 4 - Battle 7

Scenario: Break The Blockade

The scenario had the elves holed up in a watchtower, awaiting supplies. The First Law were tasked to capturing the tower and also stopping a supply wagon (arriving at a random time in the first 7 turns) from delivering their cargo.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Weekend 2

More Undead rise.

Again all are from ZombieSmith. I thought I'd try and give the office guy in the middle a pin-strip suit. It's a bit vague on the front and a bit thick on the back (that you can't see) but with the wonders of  a brown wash looks OK. The logo on the skaters shirt is a simplified Dead Kennedys - seemed appropriate.

Sunday 5 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Weekend 1

First weekend and first painted Zeds.

A Thriller Undead Jacko, Two children (including brainless teddy), a well eaten\decayed example and a Rob Zombie, who will no doubt act as a Zombie Lord should the scenario arise (pun intended!)

This is the start of a ZombieSmith Zombie horde I've had sitting in a box waiting to rise for ages now - so this was the prime time to get them done. I have 25 in total, so have set myself the target of doing 5 a week. I know that there are only 4 Sundays this month, but I don't see why poor arithmetic should get in the way of a good project!

Thursday 2 October 2014

Industrial Wild West Part 6 - Extras & Final Pictures

Nearly there now.

The ramps are still outstanding. A simple bit of construction and bare wood paint job as the other pieces. I had thought about taking the foot off one of the sections to bridge a river I have (keeping the bridge surface level) but decided it was more flexible as it came. If I really want to I can snip away in the future.

The whole kit comes with various extra bits'n'bobs but the only ones that I made up were the crates. I glued one of the lids askew to remind use that they are crates not old Terrahawks Cubes.

All done, so here is a hastily arranged set (with not ground sheet!) to show coverage, etc. I embarrassingly don't have a painted cowboy yet, hence the unwelcome colonial intervention.

The entire industrial zone isn't finished yet. I still have a sawmill to construct and some workers tents to craft, but this is the Troll Trader set. I have to say it was great fun to do.