Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Devil Finds Work

for idle hands they say, and so it seems.

I've had a few days off work during the October break, and yesterday Arabiansquire decided that heading off to spend the afternoon with a school pals was a better option than having his Dad tell him what to do round the house (imagine?).
Oh no! What have I done?
 So whilst he was gone I took it upon myself to re-arrange the Hobby Shed table layout and also tidy up & organise the shed contents which has been "organically" stored over the years (ie dumped some where vague sensible).

The ideal picture.
Funnily enough I've not finished yet....


  1. I thought this was just part of the hobby, I'm told to do this every couple of months by my better half.

    1. Having my hobby space annexed outside the house lets me get away with a bit more organised chaos, Bob.

  2. It is a living hobby, it is a natural thing that it does not stay tidy and gets messy within 2 days

    1. That's what it feeling like, Cedric. And how many projects have we all started that have "grown arms and legs" :)