Tuesday 14 October 2014

SoBH Campaign 4 - Battle 7

Scenario: Break The Blockade

The scenario had the elves holed up in a watchtower, awaiting supplies. The First Law were tasked to capturing the tower and also stopping a supply wagon (arriving at a random time in the first 7 turns) from delivering their cargo.

The First Law:
  • Bayaz, (Warband Leader) First of the Magi, 120pts Q2+, C3 Special Rules: Leader, Magic User, Traps
    Item: Armband of Protection
  • Nicomo Cosca (Warrior) 38pts Q4+ C3 Special Rules: Opportunistic
  • Forley the Weakest, (Archer) 44pts Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Shooter (Long)
  • Jezal dan Luthar (Swordsman) 42pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Free Disengage, Acrobat
  • Black Dow (Warrior) 32 Pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Dogged, Fearless
  • Curnden Craw (Warrior) 30pts Q3+ C3
  • Red-Hat (Warrior) 36pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Scout
Everglade Forest Guardians:
  • Galan (Wood Elf Leader) 108pts Q2+,C3 Special Rules: Forester,Leader,Shooter: Long, Free Disengage, Acrobat
    Item: Charmstone x 1
  • Folmon (Wood Elf Warrior) 42pts Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat, Steadfast
  • Ailuin (Wood Elf Warrior) 42pts Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat, Mounted
  • Anlyth (Wood Elf Warrior) Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat, Steadfast
  • Rusgon (Wood Elf Warrior) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester
  • Thonor (Dryad) Q3+, C2 Special Rules Forester, Distract, Free Disengage, Steadfast
  • Tatharon (Wood Elf Archer) Q4+, C3 Special Rules Forester,Shooter: Long, Free Disengage, Acrobat
  • Galadthel (Elite Wood Elf Archer) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester,Shooter: Long, Unerring Aim, Stealth
  • Lavathor (Wood Elf Beastmaster) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester, Beastmaster
  • Oink (Wild Boar) Q4+, C2 Special Rules: Animal, Forester, Long Move

Galan had his charges stubbornly stand guard at the tower, waiting for either the supply wagon to show or for Bayaz to send in his troops. Bayaz maneuvered his warband round to within trikeing distance of where the wagon would appear, hoping to draw out elves out of their stronghold. Red Hat flanked to the other side of the tower with the groups only archer (the newly recruited Forley) to harrass the elves.

 On turn three the wagon appeared, guarded by 5 warriors from the local village.

 The wagon started a slow journey towards the tower,shielding itself behind some terrain and a wall of guards.

The Elves started to come out to help shepherd the supplies home.

 Bayaz ordered his troops in to attack the emerging elves from the tower. He was outnumbered on the battlefield and felt that there was greater pearl to his enemy in attacking Galan's crew. He had the front line guards pinned down, but Thonur the Dryad  managed to distract Black Dow, allowing an easy target for Ailuin to gallop in and kill.

Folmon the jumped from the back of the horse to join the fray with  Jezal. The elven actions halted abruptly with Oink completely failing to join the action, obviously scared by the sudden shouting and clashing of steel.

The human attacks could find no real purchase and more reinforcements came into the skirmish, with Forley harraying at the sdie as Red Hat charged in and Nicomo came in from the other side. It was too late, however for Jezal, who succumbed to being surrounded.

 Suddenly, with Lavathor the Beastmaster joining in, Nicomo found himself dangerously outnumbered. Elven attacks rained in, but he stood firm and fended them all off.

But with the odds stacked against him it was only a matter of time, and within the gaze of Forley (who had come over to protect his commander) Nicomo was gruesomely killed.

With this the First Law broke and fled away from the battle, more outnumbered than before.

But there was a final sting in this tale. Before Bayaz could make it away he was ambushed by the caravan he had seeked to destroy, who with their fresh numbers took out the Leader as the rest of his warband escaped.

Battle Outcome: Everglade Guardians Victory


  1. Excellent stuff. Absolutely love Batreps and this is really well done and easy to follow, Nice pics too. I'm a big fan of SoBH though haven't played it for a good while. Thanks for posting, and glad I've found your blog :-)

    1. Thanks, B. Oh, and I'll boe looking for more 7TV reports on your blog as well - a ruleset I have and am itching to get the space to play.

  2. Enjoyable battle report, especially liked the use of the First law :-)

    1. MacSver has raved about the books, so little wonder he was inspired to create this warband. I haven't read them, but having seen them all campaign I'm even more interested now!

  3. It wasn't sweet for me! *grumble grumble*

    1. To be fair, losing the initiative roll before we even set up left you with an uphill struggle with troop numbers (given the supply train reinforcements)

  4. Love a good battle report, and this was a good one! Keep it up!