Sunday 5 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Weekend 1

First weekend and first painted Zeds.

A Thriller Undead Jacko, Two children (including brainless teddy), a well eaten\decayed example and a Rob Zombie, who will no doubt act as a Zombie Lord should the scenario arise (pun intended!)

This is the start of a ZombieSmith Zombie horde I've had sitting in a box waiting to rise for ages now - so this was the prime time to get them done. I have 25 in total, so have set myself the target of doing 5 a week. I know that there are only 4 Sundays this month, but I don't see why poor arithmetic should get in the way of a good project!


  1. Looking good! (cheers for the link, btw, I'm not familiar with that company).
    I wish you well in getting them all painted. If it was me, I know I'd get distracted after the first ten :))

  2. Nice work dude they all look great!

  3. Screw the math and start enjoying painting that lot :)

  4. Thanks for the kind comments guys. r.a.e. I'm only 5 in, don't distract me already :-)

  5. Damm, now I will be humming to "Micheal" all day...nicely painted figures :-)

  6. Lovely job dude!
    Good to see Rob get an outing!

  7. Cheers. They've not had an outing yet though, so don't get too carried away...

  8. Oh, man, you did both the Rob Zombie/King *and* a Michael Jackson. Great minds think alike.

    1. Ha,ha. I'm sure some would say "Fools seldom differ"!

      I obviously disagree :)