Sunday 26 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Weekend 4

Crawling and shuffling towards the end game, here are another 5 from my ZombiSmith Horde. One of them is duplicate of a figure painted for weekend 1, I'm not trying to bolster numbers by hoping you wouldn't notice, honest.

This bunch have some hidden detail. The bent over chap on the far left has a broken back (with spinal injury protruding). His neighbour in green is missing the top of his head (with exposed brain). The middle mechanic is suffering from having his head twisted round 180 degrees, and you can see that the Zed in the hat has a hole completely blown through him.

Now technically (I think) Week 4 is the last Zomtober entry, but I have 5 left over in my pile. This next week is very limited in painting time, but I'm not calling it over 'til I've finished...


  1. Simply lovely additions to your horde. great looking models. Hoping to get one last Zed in before last call myself so looking forward to another Zomtober posting here as well. Good stuff :-)

  2. Great job dude! Nice sculpts too.