Skirmish Board

Skirmish board is a small project to make (and provide) a attractive, affordable, quick deployment terrain kit for playing small scale skirmish tabletop games.

The key brief of the products are minimal storage requirements, affordable price but it must also be attractive to look at. I wanted to have a system to play skirmish level wargames on the dining table with my son. It became apparent that it needed to be quick to set up, like a board game, otherwise he may lose patience and my father\son time would disappear. I also knew that I wanted it to be visually appealing, for my own sake as well as for my opponent. And lastly, like so many other people, space is at a premium in my house, so if it was to be within easy deployment distance of the dining table it had to have a minimal storage footprint.

To solve the last point everything is designed to fit inside a standard 12" pizza box. The box can easily hold the terrain boards (for a 22"x 22" playing surface) and the card buildings are fold flat. To play in this small area the scale had been set at 15mm. This may change slightly for future products, but unless otherwise stated please assume this to be the case.

figures from
(painted by author)
The first set is a Fantasy Village, with detailed map board and two different house styles, with different textures. The base kit consists of a 22" x 22" board (in 6 pieces), 6 buildings (3 copies of 2 different shapes) and 9 lengths of wall (6 high and 3 low). The board comes ready made. The buildings and walls come on 3 sheets of printed 250 gsm card and require some simple assembly. At the moment I'm afraid you'll have to supply your own pizza box.

All graphics have been licensed from Dave Graffam (

Details for on-line ordering will shortly be here ("fret ye not").
Price of the first set will be £15 + P&P.