Tuesday 23 March 2021

Judge Dredd Starter Gang

 June last year I showcased my Judges - and only 9 months later I've completed the remaining 8 figures. Gosh it's been a tough year but that's awful!! Anyway, I'd always planned to have these done before the clubs met back, so I suppose deadline met!

To be honest not having a set colour plan for the figures and each one being separate really caused me some bother. In the end I found tackling them one at a time was my best strategy, but as the last year has seen me literally go weeks without picking up a paintbrush progress has also been painfully slow. The end results are not as bright as the comic (or box set) imagery but my grimier finish keeps more of a grim Cyberpunk\Bladerunner feel to them which is more where I want my future city to lie. As ever, once on the table with scenery they'll be good.