Sunday 29 October 2023

Near Future Troopers (part 2)


5 more troopers to join the initial dirty dozen. Still all from the Copplestone Castings range of Future Wars Assault Troopers, these are a selection from the two character packs. I'd have painted up the remaining 5 as well if I could find where I'd squirreled them away to, but these guys give me an easily identifiable leader.

All the dice rolls have been made for my first game, although there is a slight delay as I paint up the first alien assailant. I know you can use any figure, but when you roll a result and know you have a perfect miniature in you collection that just needs some attention with a paint brush you just have to postpone, don't you??

Sunday 15 October 2023

Lindberg 1/48 F-86A Sabre

Lindberg F-86A Sabre

Was up in the loft again making space to store Halo*Star's plastic sprue collection whilst he moves, and during shifting my own hidden gems around this model box toppled off the scale model stash. Obviously a sign!

Monday 9 October 2023

Judge Dredd - Protection Racket at Mac's


It was just a routine check for illegal alien tech at Mac's Mechs when a report of approaching gangers came over the comms. "Oh, no", said Mac, "That'll be the Hughs Gangers looking for their monthly sub". 
"Not on my watch" commented Judge Barnes as he called over Rookie Judge Noble.