Thursday 26 February 2015

Quick Tank Update

Just a quick update as things tick over at Arabian Towers.

There's still Panzer painting going on at the moment, but I also ordered in a trio of Zvezda Panzer III's and a brace of German Opelblitz trucks for scenarios. The Panzer III appears in the force resolution tables of "Hell Hath No Fury" as a weaker enemy (although the only difference in stats with the Sherman is the slightly weaker gun)

The Flamethrower is close enough to be a main gun for me (and a few others on the web in my researches) and although there were apparetly few Panzer III Ms on the Western Front in 1944, let alone Pz. Kpfw III Ls the HHNF rules allow the variance and the lack of Sch├╝rzen armour make it more visually interesting and distinctive on the table.

All light hearted historic pedantics aside quite impressed by these cheap kits. They are designed to be glueless snap-together, so hold well with an extra dab on glue - no holding parts together for ages only to find you've adhered a part to your fingers. There are some delicate parts (especially on the trucks) but where damage is likely the attachment onto the sprue is very thin to minimise the strain, very clever. Also all over the kit the holes, lug and pins have been arranged to make it (nearly) impossible to swap over similar parts in the wrong position.

Thursday 19 February 2015

HHNF - First Full Contact

First game of Hell Hath No Fury using the full rules with attributes and Stars. We went with 2 platoons each British (5 Shermans and 4 Shermans + 1 Firefly) and Germans (3 Stug IIIs and 3 Panser IVs). The objectives were 3 supply dumps. Winner was the one in control of most dumps at the end of the night.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

SoBH Campaign 4 - Humans vs Wood Elves

This post is a base to catalogue my fantasy "Songs Of Blades and Heroes" campaign with my gaming buddy MacSver. I have moved the campaign page to this post to make room at the top for the next campaign (so for those avid readers this isn't anything new, just a bit of re-organising) 

The basic warband makeup is Humans vs Wood Elves : Initial Warband CompositionsThe campaign winner is the first warband to 10 Campaign points.

Monday 16 February 2015

Tank Painting Begins

With the 15mm tanks getting on the table (and new purchases coming in) I've started painting my armour with a proper view to finishing them.

I'm on my German armour first, as I started the Stug IIIs ages ago then stalled. As you can see the Panzer IVs are catching up so that the camo stage can all be done at the same time.

The accepted best way to paint the camo on tanks seems to be by airbrush. I don't have one of those, but I've found a nice tutorial on painting with normal brushes, so hopefully I'll be OK.

Thursday 12 February 2015

SoBH - Fightin' Fungi Playtest

MacSver and I set down to playtest the rules from the Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter. They are applicable to the "Song of Blades and Heroes" standard rules, and sound like they might be implemented to the next full version, although don't take that as law.

The two warbands would be battling for control of a powerful crystal, situated in an ancient ruin.

Monday 9 February 2015

Graffam Sci-Fi #4

 Going back to my first Graffam Sci-Fi build (or part build), I've made the entire kit proper this time. The Watchstation.

Thursday 5 February 2015

Basic Hell Than No Fury Battle.

The "Hell Hath No Fury" learning curve continues. When MacSver last came down to the hobby shed we had another game. We decided to try and consolidate the core mechanics so didn't use the "Star" or attribute rules. The objective was a supply dump in the village.

Monday 2 February 2015

Fungal Forrest

I am a backer in the Ganesha Games linked Fighting Fungi Kickstarter, so with regular updates coming through the email part of my mind is fungus aware.

So you can imagine my geek-like excitement whilst browsing my local B&M Homeware ( a UK discount homeware chain) these garden ornaments.

They stand at around 9.5 inches tall, made of a light resin, are fully painted as seen and cost the princely sum of £3.99. I bought both the 2 slightly different models as a test, but I think I'll have to go back and get a couple more. Just the job for a Fungal Forrest!