Monday 9 February 2015

Graffam Sci-Fi #4

 Going back to my first Graffam Sci-Fi build (or part build), I've made the entire kit proper this time. The Watchstation.

It's come out really well. I love the irregular shape of the building. It adds to the height to make it an imposing structure. With all the side blisters round the outside the only extra internal support comes from foam core floors stuck in on both levels of the build.

Here is a picture so that you can see how it compares with the other terrain for size. The cold grey look of the future is starting to come together quite nicely.


  1. Great build dude! I much prefer a cold grey future to a grim dark one. They look really good altogether.

    1. Cheers, Bob. With a few buildings the theme is showing now. I think I want to have a different option from the Necromunda-esque Industrial look that is so much used for Sci-Fi Skirmish.

  2. Fantastic stuff Sam (glad to see the Doom Lord avatar back :-) ) Great group shot too as Bob states. I really like the look of these builds. Stop tempting me ;-)