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SoBH Campaign 4 - Humans vs Wood Elves

This post is a base to catalogue my fantasy "Songs Of Blades and Heroes" campaign with my gaming buddy MacSver. I have moved the campaign page to this post to make room at the top for the next campaign (so for those avid readers this isn't anything new, just a bit of re-organising) 

The basic warband makeup is Humans vs Wood Elves : Initial Warband CompositionsThe campaign winner is the first warband to 10 Campaign points.

As before we have also tinkered with the weather table (to make extreme weather less common) and added new scenarios from Hour11's fanmade Warhammer/Mordheim Scenario Conversion project . Additionally we are trialing some of Hour11's event cards. This campaign we also plan to make more use of the random fantastical terrain features described in "The Song of Wind and Water" Supplement (Bladegrass, Cursed Ruins, etc)

Battle #1: Confused in the Woods

Battle Aftermath: A Rout. Woodland Defenders Win

Running CP Count: First Law 0 , Woodland Defenders 1

  • Bayaz made a full recovery but was robbed of 5 gold by opportunistic thieves whilst he lay recovering.
Income & Exploration:
  • Wood Elves earned 68 Gold from their battle (Win earnings and event card bonus)
  • The Humans earned 15 Gold.
  • Whilst exploring post battle the Human Archer Ferro Malijin fell into a pit trap, sustaining a serious injury and therefore missing the next battle.
  • The Wood Elves happened across a travelling merchant caravan, but did not trust their bartering skills and did not engage in trade.
Net Gold: First Law 29, Woodland Defenders 74

Battle #2: Blood in the Frozen Mountains

With a warrior missing for the second battle The First Law rushed in Black Dow, a dogged fighter. Galan sought to increase the ranged threat of the Everglade Forest Guardians and recruited Galadthel, an Elite Archer.

Battle Aftermath: A close VP win for the Everglade Guardians

Running CP Count: First Law 0, Everglade Forest Guardians 2


  • First Law: Dogman suffered a moderate injury and will have a worse quality for the next battle. Jazel's injury was more serious and needs to sit the next battle out to recuperate.
  • EverGlade: Leader Galan's physical wounds healed well, but his reliance on Elven Wine in the aftermath has left him Drunken for the next battle.
Income & Exploration:
  • The Wood Elves earned 40 gold from their endeavours, but spent 30 on a Doctor to try and heal Galan to no effect (Event Card)
  • The Humans scraped together 10 gold after the battle
  • The trudge home for The First Law was uneventful, although they did find an extra 12 gold (Event Card)
  • The Everglade Guardians happened upon a Charmed Glade in the Forest and left with a Charmstone.
Net Gold: First Law 25, EverGlade Guardians 22.

Battle #3: Barracks Booty Grab

Battle Aftermath: Easy First Law Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 2


Elven Warrior Mallosson made a full recovery

Income & Exploration:

  • Elves: Following their defeat Galan's crew received 20 gold and their looted chest only had goods worth 2  = 22 Gold
  • Humans: Triumphant after the success of their raid Bayaz's cofferes were 60 gold heavier and an extra 10 gold from the crate contents = 70 Gold. Additionally one of the crates contained an magical armband that protected it's wearer against missile attacks.
  • On the trudge home the Elves strayed into a dark Cursed Glade. This place aggravated Mallosen's healing wound and leave him -1 to his quality rolls next battle.
  • The First Law chanced upon a Sunny Charmed Glade. On leaving this pleasant warm area Bayaz found a piece of charmstone in one of his pockets.
Net Gold: First Law 95, Everglade Guardians 44

With an bulging purse Bayaz could afford to bring in 2 new recruits. First was the Fearless Northern warrior Caul Shivers, the second the treacherous (Opportunistic) fighter Nicomo Cosca. Galan decided to hold onto his cash.

Battle Aftermath: Everglade Guardians Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 3

  • Mallosson of the Elves made a full recovery.
  • From the First Law; Threetrees sustained a serious injury and will miss battle #5; Nicomo suffered a moderate injury so will enter the next battle with a worsened Quality stat and poor Dogman died of his wounds.
Income & Exploration:
  • The Elves earned 20 gold from their exploits and were rewarded a further 12 from the blacksmith. He also let the warband keep their key, which opens locked doors on a roll of 4+.
  • Bayaz's group earned 25 gold.
  • On the way back to camp Ferro started to fall ill. The camp were concerned about their elite archers health, but she blew her nose, had some chicken soup and reported herself fully fit to the rest (whilst shaking her head and muttering something about "man flu")
  • The following night, the spectre of an adventurer appeared in the Elven camp. The ghost announced that one of the First Law had murdered him, and that anyone killing him in the next battle would be rewarded. Watch the next battle for an update.
Net Gold: First Law 46, Everglade Guardians 76

With a few battles now under their belts, both warbands had been hard at work training. In the First Law camp Jezal Dan Luthar had picked up acrobat, Logan Ninefingers was now a forester, Rudd Threetrees was steadfast and Bayaz had spent the time tinkering away to become familiar with the intricacies of Traps. The The Everglade Guardians forest dwelling, the warriors had been practising their agility and developed acrobat skill, Galan, , Thonor and Tatharon had perfected the skill of free disengage and Galadthel, inpressed by the skills of her human counterpart Ferro had practiced the art of stealthy movement.

Galan had also recruited a Beastmaster called Lavathor, with the hope of recruiting some of the forest fauna for future battles. A Healing potion was also purchased as precaution.

Battle Aftermath: Everglade Guardians Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 4

  • Elves:
    - Mallossen: Dead
    - Folmon: Moderate Injury: -1 Quality rolls next battle
    - Ailuin: Full Recovery
  • Humans:
    - Bayaz: Full Recovery
    - Logan: Full Recovery
    - Niccomo: Serious Injury: Miss next battle
    - Caul Shivers: Dead
    - Black Dow: Moderate Injury: -1 Quality rolls next battle.
Income & Exploration:
  • Galan's coffers benifited to the tune of 50 Gold.
  • Bayaz drew 20 Gold (inc. underdog bonus)
  • On the way back home the First Law move along a trapped pathway. Ferro spotted danger early, avoiding any harm to the party and gaining 4 Gold from the pockets of previous victims.
  • Whilst camping that night under the full moon, the Everglade Guardian's were visited by a strange warped creature. Lavathor the Beastmaster saw it away but not without receiving a bite first. Fortunately years of training with animals had seen him exposed to all manner of bites and scratches so no ill effects occurred.
Net Gold: First Law 70, Everglade Guardians 59.

Battle #6: Raiding LeChuck's Treasure.

Bayaz hit the recruitment offices to add Cornden Craw, a Warrior, and Scout (Red Hat) to his ranks after the fall of Caul Shivers. Galan reacted to the demise of Mallosen by bringing in another warrior, Rusgon.

Battle Aftermath: Everglade Guardians Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 5

  • Elves Archer Tatheron sustained a moderate injury, so his quality roll will be 1 worse for Battle #7
  • For the First Law Red Hat made a full recovery, but Ferro and Logan's injuries were more serious and they will miss the next battle to recuperate.
Income & Exploration:
  • Galan purse benefitted to the tune of 30 gold from this adventure. The treasure also had a trinket the added an exploration dice to the party haul.
  • Bayaz found he had a benefactor somewhere as he was given 60 gold (inc underdog bonus) to help build his crew.
  • On the way back home The First Law happened unpon the corpse of a poor unfortunate adventurer. His still had 5 gold coins in his pockets which were taken.
  • Heading towards their Woodland home Galan's warband happened upon an old Wizards Tower. Without a magic user in their ranks, however, the door inside wouldn't budge.
Net Gold: First Law 69, Everglade Guardians 53.

Battle #7: Break The Blockade

Galan's enforcements all came with in the four legged variety. Lavathor now had a Wild Boar to command and a horse was bought for Ailuin, who had been training to become a mounted combatant. Also in training, acrobat skills had been shown to both Galan and Tatharon, whilst Anlyth, Thonur and Folmon had been coached to turning their battle experiences in to a Steadfast will.
Bayaz had been busy recruiting as well and had brought in the deceptively named archer Forley the Weakest.

Battle Aftermath: Everglade Guardians Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 6


  • Black Dow sustained a serious injury and will miss Battle #8
  • Bayaz had a serious injury that needed some expensive treatment. By the time he had recovered 50 gold had been spent on his recuperation.
  • Nicomo and Jezal didn't make it through the night and were buried the next day.
Income & Exploration:
  • The First Law received 40 gold for their efforts, although it all went towards paying for Bayaz's treatment.
  • Everglade Guardians were awarded 30 gold for holding the tower.
  • On the trudge home The First Law came across a Roadside shrine. They briefly stopped and offered a gold coin to the gods but whether their offerings made any difference no-one could tell.
  • Galan's good day was spoilt as the warband camp was set upon by a group of 8 Brigands. 5 of them were killed in the resulting melee but Folmon sustaining a moderate injury (Quality worse next battle) and Lavathor's new pet, Oink was skewered. The evening meal was at least filling (an upset Lavathor abstained and just had some nuts and berries).
Net Gold: First Law 14, Everglade Guardians 38.

With money tight, The First Law did not add to their ranks, although with Ferro and Logan back in the ranks numbers were started to recover. Rudd Threetrees also returned back to camp late, as he should have reported back for duty in time for the previous battle. He claimed to have taken a wrong turn on the way back, although stories linking a rouge giant and a wrecked inn led to some awkward questions for the big warrior. Bayaz put the funds from the last battle into bringing in a new Boar for Lavathor. He was named "Squeal".

Battle Aftermath: Everglade Guardians Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 7

  • Logan and Ferro sustained  serious injuries and will miss Battle #9
  • Curden Craw suffered a moderate injury, so will be fine to battle next time but at a lesser quality.
  • Bayaz's injury healed, but the pain of it has left him with a permanent hatred of Elves (Hatred-Elves Special rules added)
  • Ailuin injury was serious enough that he'll need to sit out the next battle to recuperate.
Income & Exploration:
  • On getting home Bayaz emptied out his pocket to find that he had an extra 20 gold he hadn't expected still to have.
  • Galan's purse was bulging by an extra 40gold from a few games of dice earlier in the evening.
  • On the march away from the Inn The First Law came through a beautiful glade. on leaving one of the party found they had a charmstone in their pocket.
  • Galan's Guardians were so busy with their post drinking munchies that they failed to keep a proper lookout and were jumped by a band of Brigands looking for spare chips (Ye Olde Chippe Shoppe had just shut). Most their focus went on Squeal the Boar, but it survived the attentions and the elves saw the crooks off.
Net Gold: First Law 34, Everglade Guardians 48.

Battle #9: To Catch A Thief

Too low on funds, Galan decided to keep his cash in his purse. Rusgon, Galadthel and Lavathor used their experience to train in some battle acrobats, bringing them in line with the standard Elven Warrior skill set. Bayaz similarly had little cash to spare. The injured Curnden Craw made way for a special single mission mercenary thief, Grendel. She was sent out to find something useful...

Battle Aftermath: Everglade Guardians Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 8


  • Both Elven casualties (Tatharon and Anlyth) made full recoveries.
  • For the First Law, Red Hat and Black Dow injuries completely healed.
  • Forley sustains a serious injury and will miss battle #10
  • Threetrees suffered a moderate injury, so will be on the battlefiled next time but at a worse quality.
  • Bayaz required some more expensive surgery to get back to form (costing 30 gold)
Income & Exploration:
  • The First Law gained 50 gold after the battle (including underdog bonus)
  • Galan's purse gained to the tune of 40 gold and the artifact recovered from the thief was a "Strength belt" ( 3 x +1 combat tokens per battle - can be used individually or all at once)
  • On the way back to camp Bayaz found the body of a merchant on the road. In his purse was 20 gold.
  • Whilst travelling across the plains the Everglade Guardians were approached by Gresal, a Centaur Hero. He offered to join and fight for the warband. The offer was accepted.
Net Gold: First Law 74, Everglade Guardians 88.

Battle #10: Ogre Ambush.

Bayaz had decided that the bad luck had played too big a part in last battle, so spent big on a couple of charmstones to help combat it's effect. Meanwhile Logan Ninefingers, Curnden Craw, Red Hat and Ferro Maljinn had been training hard to turn the corner; gaining Beserk, Free Disengage, Fearless and Steadfast respectively. Galan decided to give funds to Lavathor who used the gold to bring in a second Boar and an Eagle.

Battle Aftermath: Last turn Everglade Guardians Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 9

  • Ailuin sustained a  moderate injury, so will have a worst quality for Battle #11
  • For First Law, Curnden Craw made a full recovery
  • Logan Ninefingers sustained a moderate injury, weakening his quality for next battle.
  • Red Hat surrered a serious injury and will miss the next matchup.
  • Bayaz's wound healed poorly, and his combat is permanently hampered by 1.
Income & Exploration:
  • Both warbands gained 60 gold after the battle. Galan received the merchant's gratitude for his actions, which equated to nothing in real terms!
  • On the way through a mountain pass The Everglade Guardians noticed some strange markings on the wall. They may have been magical in nature, but with no magic user in the band the carvings meant nothing.
  • The First Law stumbled home through a forest, but failed to notice a covered pit trap. The unfortunate Ferro fell through the thin covering and died, impaled in the spikes below.
Net Gold: First Law 84, Everglade Guardians 64.

Battle #11: Save\Enslave the Peasants.

Bayaz rushed into the Forrest, Rudd Threetrees carrying the still warm body of Ferro. He knew of a man locals called Miracle Max, who was rumoured to have brought people back from beyond, for an unreasonable fee. After a tense (and slightly eccentric) procedure and a brief time resting Ferro was back on her feet and Bayaz's purse was empty.

Meanwhile Galan had spent his cash on a new recruit and a horse for Folmon, who was soon riding high in the saddle. A few of the Troops had been psyching themselves up to become steadfast, and Tatheron has been taking lessons in stealth from Galadthel.

Battle Aftermath: Everglade Guardians Win

Running CP Count: First Law 1, Everglade Guardians 10

Campaign Outcome 
Victory for Galan's Everglade Forest Guardians

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