Thursday 5 February 2015

Basic Hell Than No Fury Battle.

The "Hell Hath No Fury" learning curve continues. When MacSver last came down to the hobby shed we had another game. We decided to try and consolidate the core mechanics so didn't use the "Star" or attribute rules. The objective was a supply dump in the village.

We chose to run with 2 squads each. Squad strengths were rolled for from the rules, platoon commanders had a REP of 5, other Tank Commanders had a REP of 4 and the other crew members were rolled for by tank type from the rules. As the rulebook only has US and German force lists (and I don't have the latest Nuts! ruleset version) the British tank stats were referenced and home altered from the Nuts! v2 rules.

British Forces:

  • Platoon#1: Firefly (main Commander) & 3 Shermans
  • Platoon#2: 4 Shermans

German Forces:

  • Platoon#1: 3 Panzer IVs (main Commander)
  • Platoon#2: 3 Stug IIIs

The Brits activated first, with the majority of Platoon#2 moving into the village to stand guard over the supplies. The Panzer IV's came round the hill, 2 of them coming into sight with 2 Sherman's. The German's reacted first and their experienced gunners took out the 2 Shermans. They hadn't noticed that the Firefly had an angle of sight through the buildings though and it took out the trailing Panzer IV.

A Stug III joined the group in support, but a third Sherman from Squad#2 took out the Main Commander's Panzer, the other 2 failed their crisis tests and scampered away from the battlefield.

This left 2 Stugs to face 4 Sherman's and a Firefly, potentially attacking from 3 directions. They took up defensive positions as best they could in one turn, using the hill and buildings as cover.

The Firefly advanced on the Stug round the back of the village, the main tank commander confident. When in sight he reacted first, but his less experienced gunner missed the low profile Stug. The Stug returned fire and took out the Firefly.

The remaining Sherman at supply dump advanced round the back of the Stug and took a shot. Again the low profile saved the German armour and with no turret to turn and return fire bolted for cover.

At the other end of the battlefield the Sherman Squad advanced into the sights of the other Stug III. The German reacted first, but his gunner missed. The Brits made no such mistake, and the Axis tanks was soon brewing up.
In the village, the Stug was desperately using the building cover as he was closed down from behind, with Allied support arriving along the road.

But as the Sherman came through the smoke it was taken out by his German foe. This gave the German Commander time to reverse to the vantage point the Firefly earlier had and cover more approaches.

The chasing Sherman came round the building side, determined to secure the supplies, but again the gunner missed the low profile target, and the Stug scored another victory shot.

The final Sherman attempted to move round the village back form the other end of the road, but the Stug III moved out and caught him side on crossing, and the newly reloaded German gun spat it's round out, destroying the final enemy. The Supply dump was theirs (for the moment).


  1. Nice demo game dude! Lovely table to play on too.

    1. Thanks, Bob. MacSver brought down some of his terrain to plug the gap until I can accumulate some. Don't really have any 15mm yet (although it's starting to come in)

  2. Like it - can't beat a bit of Nuts!

  3. Great little Batrep. Thanks.