Thursday 19 February 2015

HHNF - First Full Contact

First game of Hell Hath No Fury using the full rules with attributes and Stars. We went with 2 platoons each British (5 Shermans and 4 Shermans + 1 Firefly) and Germans (3 Stug IIIs and 3 Panser IVs). The objectives were 3 supply dumps. Winner was the one in control of most dumps at the end of the night.

The Sherman column came into the village from the rear.

and spread out to cover the approach the the German force. The Firefly positioned itself on the far side of the workshop at the far end of the table in shot.

The Germans now activated. The Panzer IV platoon quickly came into view first, but crucially out of view from the Firefly. The reaction boosting attribute of the commander gave him an advantage and his gunner made no mistake, taking out a Sherman. A second Panzer then reacted swiftly and removed the second Sherman from the battle.

At the other end of the village the Stug platoon came into view. The British loosed off the first shot causing the lead Stug to panic and hunkerdown. The other two German tanks had the next say though and disabled the 2 British Shermans.

Two Shermans came through the middle of the village to take on the Panzer IVs, but the Panzers reacted first again and disabled the brace of Shermans. If the frantic action, however, both German loaders failed to manage to reload their guns immediately.

On of the Shermans reversed out of building cover to change position, hoping that the slight screening of his 2 disabled comrades would help screen his mavouvres. Sadly for him he was mistaken and the tanks was soon brewing up from accurate Stug fire.

Another Sherman moved forward to a powerful vantage point between 2 buildings with the Panzer IVs in it's sights.. This caused the unloaded to Panzers to duck back behind the building on the other side of the field. Unfortunately for one Panzer this action brought it into the waiting clutches of the Firefly, and it was soon destroyed and ablaze. Meanwhile, at the other end of the field, the 2 moving Panzers had brought the third into view of the Sherman. Another reaction test ensued, the Sherman one and this time the gunner made no mistake, disabling the German vehicle.

Hearing all the firing the activated Stugs came round the building side to bring this deadly Sherman into view. The British turret turned and fired, but in his haste the gunner missed the low profile of the Stug. A mistake that was costly for himself and the rest of the crew.

The remaining village centre Sherman moved round to ther other side of the building to try and engage only a single Stug, but again the low profile of the German proved its worth, and with the Tank Commander keeping his cool his gunner destroyed the assailant.

This left the lone Firefly. Eager to take the fight to the enemy and at least rid the field of the remnants of a German platoon he reversed into view of the commanding Panzer IV. The faster reactions of the German however proved crucial again, and a pillar of oily smoke and flame was soon leaping from the British tank.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bob. Been having a bit of a splurge on 15mm terrain, as well as a bit of making my own basic stuff.

  2. Great gam! How do you find the THW armour side of things, Sam? I've only concentrated on the infantry encounters to date.

    1. At this level it plays very much like a THW skirmish (with less manoeuvrable soldiers) I have to say.

      Having different crew members with (potentially) different REP's really makes it feel like a team with different parts to play. Most the standard THW reactions for the Tank are on the Commander's REP, but actual shooting depends on the Gunner passing his tests, being able to shoot depends on the Loader passing his tests and driving\quick manoeuvring depends on the driver passing his tests. Failure by any member can be (and usually is) the difference between surviving and brewing up. Like many other THW games, if you get shot it's very serious!