Frostgrave: The Diabolist's Scheme

This page is to catalogue my inaugural  Frostgrave Campaign - "The Diabolist's Scheme", written by Cory Ring and released as a free download from Cigar Box Battle Games here.

The adventure is a linked 4-part campaign. Hopefully it will feel slightly less random than a core book generated campaign.

The (starting) Warbands:

Elementalist Bayaz:
  • Spells: Elemental Bolt, Wall, Elemental Shield, Decay,  Bind Demon, Telekinesis,  Forget Spell, Banish.
  • People: Apprentice (Lancrix the Tall), Ranger (Ferro), Archer (The Dogman), Infantryman (Caul Shivers) and five thugs

Enchanter Cornelius "Tim" McDonald:
  • Spells: Enchant Weapon, Enchant Armour, Telekinesis, Push, Elemental Hammer, Fog, Awareness, Heal
  • People: Apprentice (Jamie), Man-at-Arms (Duncan), Infantryman (Lennox), Archer, Thief, 4 Thugs

Battle 1: The Discovery.

Bayaz did not manage enough XP to level up, but had enough gold to purchase 3 potions (2 Healing and Invisibility). He also established as his base a Laboratory (extra 20xp after every battle)

Tim did not purchase anything, but an Invisibility Grimoire was included in his treasure which went into his vault. He did gain enough experience to level up though and decided to increase his health by 1. He decided to base his force in an Inn, increasing his maximum force size to 11.

Injuries on both side fully healed before the next battle.

Battle 2: The Wizard's Tower

Tim's treasure amounted to 200 gold and 2 "Fast Act" grimoires, one of which he sold for 250 gold, the other went in his vault. Some of this was required to recruit a replacement for Duncan the Man-at-Arms who died of his injuries. A knight was brought in instead. A couple of healing potions, one for each magic user, were also purchased. A thug was also badly hurt and will miss the next battle. A replacement thug was recruited for the next encounter. The increased warband size due to the Inn base would allowing him to come straight back in after that. The Enchanter's experience had grown to level 3, as he increased his fight bonus to +3 and lowered his casting number for "Enchant Armour" by one to 7.

Although he had no new treasure, Bayaz managed to Level up, choosing to increase his fight stat by 1. Also a thug would be too injured to battle next time.

Battle 3: The Caverns

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