Monday 29 August 2016


Yes I know that Zomtember isn't a thing (it's actually Zomtober) but one of my main aims this year was to give Zombie gaming the attention I'd been so longing to give it for a few years now, so I've cleared my table (mostly) and decided to go early and for longer!

With around 50 or 60 zombies already painted, this period will have both Survivors and scenery in it, although I plan to still join the Zomtober crew when it starts and keep to the rules.

The streets are [too] empty

Friday 26 August 2016

Steampunk Victoria

I (for once) had some time between projects, so I've taken the chance to put some paint on a Steampunk Queen Victoria (from the Wargames Illustrated Giants in Minature limited range) that I picked up at Targe in Kirriemuir last November.

I found this quite a fiddly figure to paint for some reason, despite the prominence of the black dress. Also her face (I always have trouble with painting faces!) has fallen to my ill practised inconsistencies. Should be OK on the table though (most my painting doesn't bear close scrutiny anyway!)

There is something about the armament that makes me think of a Steampunk Ghostbuster. Now there's a game!!! Maybe if they did the backpack & gun as separate pieces?...

Surely Nikola Tesla and Arthur Conan Doyle would also be in the team!

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Final Cultists

Last 2 cultists for my IHMN company.
The first is from RAFM's Cultist set in their Cthulhu line. He is obviously inspired by the famous picture of Aleister Crowley. The body ratio seems to be a bit out (unless Crowley had especially short legs) but the combination of a long robe and a stone plinth (which I suspect was added onto the sculpt to make up for the short legs) brings him up to average height and looking OK.

The second figure is Ibrahim Namin from Harlequin's Doctor Who range (from the 4th Doctor story "Pyramids of Mars").

I have also quickly painted up a Grendel Summoning Circle for some occult rituals (from their Magicians Accessories set).

Once I've got the stats set up for the additional figures I'll get a group show done and profile list.

Thursday 4 August 2016

Oh, Mummy!

An odd selection of figures here:

(a) North Star "Servants of Ra" Greater Mummy.

(b) Harlequin mummies (HM1029 A,B & C)

(c) Chronicle CM5 Mummy

(d) Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Mummies (1993)

(e) Games Workshop Mummy released originally as part of the "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb"  miniature set this figure was incorporated into the C18 Night Horrors range. The slotta tab had "Mummsie" written on it's front.

and for good measure (and because I need a proper fantasy looking zombie painted up) a

(f) Grenadier 208a Zombie from their Call of Cthulhu range. The rat on the base is part of the cast.

This little bandaged lot are mostly to be used for my "In Her Majesty's Name" Servants of Ra company, with the exception of the 2 Warhammer Mummies and the Zombie (which was painted with my Frostgrave Necromancer in mind).

Monday 1 August 2016

4aD: Caves of the Kobold Slave-Masters (pt1)

My intrepid party move on to their next adventure. I was going to have another randomised Dungeon, but the temptation was too great to try one of Ganesha's published adventures. In this case "Caves of the Kobold Slave-Masters". This a 3 part adventure. The first part here is a programmed dungeon.

Firstly an confession. On adjusting the party sheet for level upgrades and shopping after the last outing, I have found that I had made a few mistakes (a) with my documentation and (b) noting some of the skills & traits of the characters. This means that the party sheet below seems to be suddenly bulging with extra spells and abilities, so it will be interesting to see how I use these in this game!

Secondly a DIRE WARNING (all good adventures should come with a dire warning, preferably from a strange, old, bearded man - which I manage to fulfill all criteria). As this first part is a scripted adventure, continuing past this point shall reveal  SPOILERS !!!!