Wednesday 10 August 2016

Final Cultists

Last 2 cultists for my IHMN company.
The first is from RAFM's Cultist set in their Cthulhu line. He is obviously inspired by the famous picture of Aleister Crowley. The body ratio seems to be a bit out (unless Crowley had especially short legs) but the combination of a long robe and a stone plinth (which I suspect was added onto the sculpt to make up for the short legs) brings him up to average height and looking OK.

The second figure is Ibrahim Namin from Harlequin's Doctor Who range (from the 4th Doctor story "Pyramids of Mars").

I have also quickly painted up a Grendel Summoning Circle for some occult rituals (from their Magicians Accessories set).

Once I've got the stats set up for the additional figures I'll get a group show done and profile list.