Monday 29 August 2016


Yes I know that Zomtember isn't a thing (it's actually Zomtober) but one of my main aims this year was to give Zombie gaming the attention I'd been so longing to give it for a few years now, so I've cleared my table (mostly) and decided to go early and for longer!

With around 50 or 60 zombies already painted, this period will have both Survivors and scenery in it, although I plan to still join the Zomtober crew when it starts and keep to the rules.

The streets are [too] empty

To take stock I quickly put what I (still) have on the 3'x3' table setup. I didn't bother opening the box of vehicles I have. A few more buildings are needed with some street furniture. I have Fat Dragon's Capital City base and extra Buildings sets which are great table fillers. They do not have any interiors, so I plan to add a couple of buildings that do. I have on the way TT Combat's basic Filling Station  and bus station kits which should add to the interest. If I am playing Two Hour Wargames "All Things Zombie" (which I plan to do), building encounters are slightly abstracted, so this will also help (which reminds me, I need to get their Risk\Reward Card deck printed out!).

As far as extra scatter, I have a variety of bits from Studio Miniatures, Black Cat Bases, Ainsty and defunct toys, ranging from bin bags to UK Red Telephone boxes.

And now onto the main part, the miniatures. I've collected a few over the years. Before Zombie gaming became such a big thing I'd picked up quite a few Street Violence and Urban War Militia figures. Since then I have stuff from Studio Miniatures, Hasslefree, and more.

Back when I was last playing, I was desperate to get painted figures on the table. Through Ebay I picked up a few 'Clix figures and already painted lots. Although now based these are not painted entirely to my taste so could do with a touch up. The happier I am with them the more likely they are to get on the table.

So here's my plan (as far as it goes!). The second half of this period falls under Zomtober, so I will concentrate on figures then. I hope to do a new figure (or 2) each week and also touch up a couple of pre-paints at the same time. From the unpainted pile I will mostly work on individuals rether tahn gangs, just to be flexible. This will give me September to do a bit of work on the Terrain and if I zoom through it make a start to the miniatures as well (best start optimistic!)


  1. Sounds like you have a plan Sam, look forward to seeing the project in action!

  2. Sounds like a plan and a good plan at that.