Thursday 4 August 2016

Oh, Mummy!

An odd selection of figures here:

(a) North Star "Servants of Ra" Greater Mummy.

(b) Harlequin mummies (HM1029 A,B & C)

(c) Chronicle CM5 Mummy

(d) Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Mummies (1993)

(e) Games Workshop Mummy released originally as part of the "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb"  miniature set this figure was incorporated into the C18 Night Horrors range. The slotta tab had "Mummsie" written on it's front.

and for good measure (and because I need a proper fantasy looking zombie painted up) a

(f) Grenadier 208a Zombie from their Call of Cthulhu range. The rat on the base is part of the cast.

This little bandaged lot are mostly to be used for my "In Her Majesty's Name" Servants of Ra company, with the exception of the 2 Warhammer Mummies and the Zombie (which was painted with my Frostgrave Necromancer in mind).