Sunday 14 August 2016

IHMN Cultists Company

  • Akhenaton (106pts): Pluck 2+/ FV +4/ SV +0/ SP +0; Leadership +2, Terrifying, Erudite Wit, Mystical Powers (30pts); Khopesh of Osiris (sword: fv +2/-2 pluck), Immortal Oil of Horus (armour 13)
  • Professor Abir/Earl of Boleskine (*)(38pts): Pluck 3+/FV +0/ SV +0/ SP +0; Leadership +1, Fanatic, Mystical (20pts); Lined coat.
  • Sairah (50pts): Pluck 3+/ FV +3/ SV +1/ SP +2; Stealthy, Fanatic, Mystical Powers (10pts); Fighting Knife (poisoned), throwing knives.
  • Victor Neuburg (*)(35pts); Pluck 3+/ FV +0/ SV +0/ SP +0; Fanatic, Inspirational, Mystical Powers (10pts); Lined Coat
  • Mummified Priest (46pts): Pluck 3+/FV +3/ SV +0/ SP +0; Terrifying, Numb, Mystical Powers (10pts); Ancient wrappings (lined coat equivalent), Hands equivalent to clubs.
  • Ibrahim Namin (14 pts); Pluck 4+/ FV +0/ SV +1/ SP +0; Fanatic, Pistol, Lined Coat
  • Cultist with club (3pts): Pluck 6+/ FV +0/ SV +0/ SP +0/ ; Club
  • Cultist with pistol (4pts): Pluck 6+/ FV +0/ SV +0/ SP +0/ ; Pistol

The base company is straight from the core rule book.

Ibrahim Namin is a lead cultist (aka sergeant) for the order.

The variant company replaces the Professor and his Daughter, Sairah, with The Earl of Boskine (Aleister Crowley) and poet disciple Victor Neuburg (using the Professor Abir mini as a highly inaccurate representation!).

Although Crowley's time line is probably a decade or two late, his interest in Egypt and raising Egyptian deities fits very nicely with the theme (he was doing incantations whilst living in Cairo in 1904). Poet Victor Neuburg was initiated into Crowley's A.A. magical order in 1909 and worked very closely with Crowley, including performing rituals in Algiers and the surrounding desert. He uses his poetic skills in inspire those around him.


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    1. Thanks, Simon. Good to get a group photo in.

  2. Great stuff. I've played a few games with The Servants of Ra and Akhenaton is truly terrifying...and best avoided!

    1. Cheer, Gordon. I've obviously not played with them yet, but it does look like cannon fodder screen to let Akhenaton rampage round the table!!

  3. Godda love a good cult ! Nice work.

    1. A good universal baddy that can pop up anywhere! Whats not to love :)