Wednesday 27 October 2010

Away but not forgetting

Cycling @ Loch Katrine
Well not many updates in the last week, mostly due to tye fact the family have been on a short break up the road to the Trossachs (in Scotland). I did taken some Superhero stuff as a bad weather contingency, but thankfully the weather held out, so it wasn't needed.

So just a quick "cheap" post to keep things running - a workbench WIP photo. As you can see here (and from the last few posts) I'm making a push to get my Warmachine figures painted up. Out of the batch I have there's only a Death Jack, Bloat Thrall and large unit of Bile Thralls left to go. After that I'll take a bit of time to order the next figures and enjoy painting something different.

Initially it should be some (near) modern figures, but you can see form the picture that I've some 10mm dungeon occupants which need finishing. Especially as Pendraken have just released an expansion pack! Oooooooh. Nice.

Sunday 17 October 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Machine Wraith

The top spine adornments have been taken off this model. They didn't really add much to the theme of the model, in my opinion, and the model look more like its swooping down on it's prey to engulf it now.

I didn't like this figure until I painted it. The eye is very much drawn to its head, which I don't like shape of, and until I'd painted it I'd not properly appreciated the brilliant sculpting of the main body with all those writhing pipes threading through the ethereal cloth material. Reminds me a bit of the Matrix Sentinel robots.

Thursday 14 October 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Skarlock Thrall

The Skarlock is a strange mini. We'll ignore the fiddly construction of the "soul ribbon" part - it's just awkward.

As for painting, I found it a pain to plan as most the sections are ambiguous in their purpose. Is that a gown, skirt or power wave crest it's wearing? What's that strange surf board thing? It's sculpted with so many blocked areas it can look rather segmented - The lower half is one colour, the upper torso is another colour and the swirly bit is another, usually completely unrelated, colour - but at the same time the sections are so busy there is little chance to put in a detail to bring them together. I had a look online to see how others painted this piece, but just about everyone else seems to have the same problem and either just leave it be or try to tie the theme together with arcane shapes and script. In the end, I decided to pretty much use the colour chart I'd used for Deneghra, brown and brownish metals. Partly to tie in with at least another part of my army, partly for my sanity and partly because I know my freehand work isn't good enough to make any arcane script look good or consistent. I've left the torso not too bleached or highlighted to at least blend it in with the lower torso.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Supersystem - another day another ruleset

The assembled cast awaits
I've been meaning to play some superheroes gaming for a while now, as the tin of cheap Clix figures that been taking up shelf space. I've even had a copy of Supersystem 2 sitting there waiting to be read. Well, the time has come now, but after reading a few online reviews I picked up an updated version 3 copy. Looks fun so far as my reading goes.

I'll be sure to follow up once I've had a trial game or two.

Sunday 10 October 2010

Warmchine - Cryx Helldiver

Forgot to put the diving marker in the picture. If ever there was a wargaming piece destined to be lost at the bottom of a box, that's it!

Friday 8 October 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Slayer

Or should I now say "Classic Slayer" as it's a metal one. Continuing the rust theme - it would be silly to stop now!

Frosted Varnish

Had a a brief "fist in mouth" panic moment as I'd spray matt varnished this and the Helldiver, but the conditions, it being now October, were obviously too damp (humidity has the same effect apparently, but isn't much of a problem in Scotland!). Despite spraying in the garage on a non-rainy day and the models drying in the house the result was the dreaded frosted varnish look. Fortunately I'd already read on a forum (WarSeer I think) someone else's woes, which had been solved by brushing on some gloss varnish and then brushing on another coat of matt varnish once dry. Took the plunge and thankfully it mostly worked for me as well. Phew!

Monday 4 October 2010

Boxfile Spaceship Module 2 complete

The second module is now complete. Well actually it's the third module, but as ever, the other so-far-unseen one required slight painting so is delayed.

Just so you know it's a cargo/loading bay to give a nice flexible open space for battling. An
office has been added at the corner, with a window to make sure that nothing goes un-noticed.

Also the first module connecting bulk-head door has been constructed. Magnetic tape on the back of the door, and a couple of steel washers glued to the wall.