Monday 4 October 2010

Boxfile Spaceship Module 2 complete

The second module is now complete. Well actually it's the third module, but as ever, the other so-far-unseen one required slight painting so is delayed.

Just so you know it's a cargo/loading bay to give a nice flexible open space for battling. An
office has been added at the corner, with a window to make sure that nothing goes un-noticed.

Also the first module connecting bulk-head door has been constructed. Magnetic tape on the back of the door, and a couple of steel washers glued to the wall.


  1. These are so excellent mate. Any chance of more of a "how-to"?

  2. Thanks Tristan. I'll try and remember to do a step by step for the next whole one I make (I've one more already floored and walled - just needing the equipment painted)