Wednesday 29 September 2010

A Dungeon Crawl with a difference

Roleplaying night last night came round again. As previously mentioned we're taking a break from the Warhammer Fantasy 1st Ed for a while, leaving it open for other players to step into the GM's shoes and for us all to try something new.

Last night saw Azhdeen start a Xcrawl game (for 2 or 3 sessions). XCrawl is a dungeon crawl based rpg, but with a difference - there's a TV audience. That's right, the adventurers are adventuring for cash, fame, fortune and possibly a lurative sponsorship deal to carry into the next dungeon level. The first session was good fun, with the challenges for the initial training section to the hushed silence of the crowd during the first real dungeon room all being mentioned by the GM to create an exciting atmosphere. The engine is based on the D&D 3.5 ruleset, so a couple of the players were familiar enough with the rules to help out us more novice crawlers. Looking forward to the next session. I'll let you "watch" the highlights show now (thanks to Azhdeen), which gives a good idea of the play and the theme:


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, to the XCrawl highlights show. This evening, we will look at the new and improved Division 4 Crawl in Brooklyn. The team chosen for this first lethal crawl, were a real mixed bunch - Half-Orc Barbarian, Elven Rogue, Dwarven Cleric, Human Envoker and Human Fighter.

The prelimanary warm up for the team, was an obstacle course; laid out in the Gymnasium. Most of the team got across the first mud pit ok, but as you will see from this clip; the fighter didn't fair so well.

Fighter grabs the rope, pushing off; but suddenly losing his grip on the slick rope to come crashing down in the waist high mud beneath.

Mind you folks, the rest of the team didn't fair well on the next one; with most of them tripping over the own feet in the tire obstacle. Cuts to a montage of the half-orc, mage and cleric, tripping or falling face first into the tyres.
Failing to Enfeeble the Giant cardboard cut out, the team had to face the awesome Mechanical Ogre. It's 10' arms giving several of the team, painful bruises; they will remember in the morning. With the final cage trap passed, the team faced the Goblin Tennis Ball Gunners. The two man team opening fire first on the mage, as he exited the cage at full speed towards the tower.

In a moment of insipred genius (for a half-orc that is), the Barbarian started to hack the legs of the tower. This must have thrown the gunners off their aim, I know it would have thrown mine off; as they missed hitting any of the team racing to the bottom of the tower. While the rest were busy figuring out how to get to the top, the fighter was already taking care of the Goblins. With some spectacular marksmanship, he managed to take both of the Goblins out.

Cuts to a scene of both javalins, streaking through the air; to take first one then the other Goblin between the eyes.

With the roar of the crowd in their ears, the team claimed their rewards from Commissioner Leibrock. After the break, we will see how the team got on; later in the Crawl. What you will see, is something truly awesome.
Welcome back, XCrawl fans. Before the break, we saw our intrepid team battling their way through the first part of the crawl. Despite this first part being non-lethal, they didn't come through it unscathed. A few cuts and bruises, not all of them to the ego.

Coming up, we have the Prisoner Room. 3 unfortunate cheerleaders imprisoned in a room with 5 Orcs, luckily for our team though; the Orcs didn't know they were being set up. As you will see from this AVS clip, the Orcs being their natural dumb selves; weren't even aware the team were behind them. We in the studio, thought the hulking half orc would have given the game away; but he seemed to take the agility of a cat. Climbing out of the tunnel, the team had a great plan; sadly the elf blew it by tripping at the wrong moment.

It was a hard fought battle, that ensued; with both the Rogue and Fighter going down to the baseball bat of the Orc. Meanwhile the Mage was going great guns, knocking two of the Orcs unconscious; with a dazzling display of colour and light. It seemed to be all over then, as the Half Orc, just barrelled through the remaining Orcs. Finishing the last one, it looked like the Half-Orc could well have been perfecting his Signature moves.

As our fans will know, Signature Moves go a long way; to distiguish a Great XCrawler from the wannabe's. Maybe next week, we will see; if the Half-Orc has worked out the kinks in his Signature Move.

I hope you have enjoyed this first foray in to lethal Division 4, catch us next week for more coverage of this excting change to your favourite sport. Till next time, goodnight.

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