Monday, 6 September 2010

The Undead live - ATZ

The Two Hour Wargames ruleset adoption plan continues, as Arabiansquire and myself had a session running through the "All Things Zombie (Better Dead Than Zed)" rules. I have played the original ATZ rules a couple of times a few years ago, but changes have been made to some of the mechanics since then (and I can bearly remember what I did last week - let alone remember rules from 4 years ago!). No photos were taken I'm afraid, but this isn't a batrep so don't worry.

An urban encounter quite a time into the outbreak was decided upon to a) see how my card stock buildings covered the ground and b) to bring as many zombies onto the board as we could to get the hang of the encounter mechanics. We both had 3 man squads, myself with 3 surviving cops (which counted as military for reaction, etc) and Arabiansquire with 3 mafia types (counting as gangers for reaction, etc). The attribute rules were left out for simplicity as well.

Well aim b) was certainly fulfilled, as I only had 34 painted zombies (more than enough I thought) which wasn't enough for even the opening numbers at the start of the game! I'll have to get based some of those on the leadpile shelf! Also ArabianSquire found that blasting zombies with submachine guns was generating as many zombies as he was killing. Luckily for him in 4 turns we managed (it was pretty slow going and we were only playing for an hour) the zombies managed to 6s for every single activation, so never moved from their initial setup points. But crucially buildings were investigated with a variety of outcomes and zombies were fought, killed and generated so I feel most of the ground was covered with the exception of meeting other humans - which no doubt will happen next time - hopefully next weekend.

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