Wednesday 27 October 2010

Away but not forgetting

Cycling @ Loch Katrine
Well not many updates in the last week, mostly due to tye fact the family have been on a short break up the road to the Trossachs (in Scotland). I did taken some Superhero stuff as a bad weather contingency, but thankfully the weather held out, so it wasn't needed.

So just a quick "cheap" post to keep things running - a workbench WIP photo. As you can see here (and from the last few posts) I'm making a push to get my Warmachine figures painted up. Out of the batch I have there's only a Death Jack, Bloat Thrall and large unit of Bile Thralls left to go. After that I'll take a bit of time to order the next figures and enjoy painting something different.

Initially it should be some (near) modern figures, but you can see form the picture that I've some 10mm dungeon occupants which need finishing. Especially as Pendraken have just released an expansion pack! Oooooooh. Nice.

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