Thursday 1 September 2016

Fat Dragon Buildings Added

Just a quicky.

With more time consuming pieces on the horizon, I printed out a couple of Fat Dragon buildings and put them together. They are simple kits and fly together. I didn't glue the room sections onto the walls as the collapsible version is handy for storage. The higher building has the fire escape option for extra play options.

I need to get some more card to add a couple more to properly have all those back alley venues.

The sky line was starting to look a bit flat, so I added the roof access on one and an AC Unit on the shop. Looking at it now, the taller building could really do with an old chair, etc next to the roof access. Perhaps with small sign saying "Burt Reynolds".


  1. Nice one, Sam; I have these too - most useful!

    1. Indeed so. A few dumpsters, etc and we'll be good.