Saturday 3 September 2016

Frostgrave Campaign - #2 The Wizard's Tower

After searching the ruined city the Wizard's Tower is found, a reported by the dying Captain in the first battle. The Magic user's can feel the presence of a magical item high up in the tower. There is a catch however. The Tower has a new occupant, a giant named Svanfus.

Elementalist Bayaz:
Spells: Elemental Bolt, Wall, Elemental Shield, Decay,  Bind Demon, Telekinesis,  Forget Spell, Banish.
People: Apprentice (Lancrix the Tall), Ranger (Ferro), Archer (The Dogman), Infantryman (Caul Shivers) and five thugs
Equipment: Healing potion, Invisibility potion

Enchanter Cornelius "Tim" McDonald:
Spells: Enchant Weapon, Enchant Armour, Telekinesis, Push, Elemental Hammer, Fog, Awareness, Heal
People: Apprentice (Jamie), Man-at-Arms (Duncan), Infantryman (Lennox), Archer, Thief, 4 Thugs

Bayaz took the bulk of his party towards the town well, looking to use the underground waterways to gain clandestine access to the tower.

His Apprentice pushed round with an Infantryman and thug to flank round Enchanter Tim's section as they moved round the arcade towards treasure.

With a a trio of his charges down below (the yellow pegs) Bayaz moved to an advanced sniping position (with his Ranger Ferro moving to do similar job more centrally) as some of his foes moved centre table towards gold and goal (keeping out of view from Svanfus the Giant). Tim's Apprentice Jamie cast a Fog spell to block the Elementalist's line of sight.

Man at Arms, Duncan took a Thug to meet the flanking party head on. The Thugs didn't last long however leaving him alone.

Svenfus, meanwhile, had spotted one of Bayaz's thugs and moved in to attack the intruder.

The battle on the flank was ebbing to and fro and Duncan took out the enemy Infantryman.

With the Giant's attention diverted there was a mad scramble to get inside the tower towards the magical gem. A Infantryman Lennox, from Enchanter Tim's warband, was making an elevated approach view walking boards on the ruined arcade (trying to dodge arrows and elemental bolts on the way), whilst his Thug colleague had made it to the bottom ladder. But the opposition were emerging from the sewers tight on his heals.

Bayaz moved through the conjured Fog to intercept the treasure carrying thug. The thug saw an opportunity for glory, dropped his treasure and charged in.

Lennox never made the tower, as a finely aimed arrow from Ferro took him out of the game. Inside the tower the thug was labouring up the ladder, narrowly avoiding the pursuers attentions.

The thug and Bayaz had stood and knocked lumps out of each other, but a final attack from the Thug saw him bettered, and a nasty rap to the head with the Magician's staff saw him crumple to the floor.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, Duncan had finally emerged victorious, with bodies at his feet. He was now free press on.

His triumph was short lived, however, as next turn he took and elemental bolt to the head from the enemy Apprentice, ending his fight.

Time was running out and the final action of the game can from Svenfus, who's tower had been the centre of attention. After a heroic effort from the Thug, going toe-to-toe with the Giant on his own, he inevitably fell to the swiping club. With the Giant now free to get back to his tower, his hefty armour unscratched, the raids on the tower were called off.

Upon retreat a small band of cultists, with a demon in their midst, was spotted at the edge of the sight. Realising that they had been spotted by both warbands they fled the scene. Their tracks, however, were easy to track to the mouth of a cave on the side of a wooded hill.


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