Monday 6 August 2012

40000 at Claymore

OK, not the attendance figures, but if the was one number that dominated our visit to the Claymore gaming show in Edinburgh on Saturday it was 40k.

Having looked at the list of participation games for the show, one run by the "Borders Battle Bunker" entitled "40k WWI style" was pinned as top of the list by Arabiansquire.

On entering the main hall we had our cursory initial look round to get our bearings. halfway round, in the middle of the hall the aspired to game was spotted with a small crowd round it. We'd only got a couple of feet from to table before a friendly figure broke from the crowd and asked if we wanted to roll some dice. Well that was the wee lad for most of the day.

The game revolved around the simple scenario of the forces of Chaos assaulting the loyal Emperors forces to take out a high level general (who's name escapes me!). The morning session seemed to be part one of the Chaos attack. Having not played 40k much Arabiansquire was led through how many dice to roll for what test (which is common with participation games anyway) with mechanics taking second place to fun and enthusiasm.
Arabiansquire looking for saving rolls.

After more than an hour the Chaos marines round the board had reached a bloody sacrifice level to start part 2 of their assault plan, so it seemed a good time to break away for lunch and look round the rest of the show.
Urban War demo

The second game to play on our list was a demo game of Urban War, which was easily found with their banner. In previous shows I seen the Urban War guys a bit quiet to be fair, but I was glad to see that they were busy all day this time round. The two of us had a game (with stripped down rules for the show) using a couple of factions that neither of us had played before, the cyborgs of Syntha against close action forces of the Gladiators. Unfortunately (or maybe typically) I lost, with a crucial tactical blunder at the tipping point of the game (note to self, don't place your most powerful gun covering an area when the opposition don't need to move into that area to win!)

(Yet another) tactical blunder by Dad as he puts his
flame thrower on overwatch.

After that it was back to the trenches. It transpired that the Chaos Marines had spilt enough of their blood to open up a portal to let the demonic forces through. The wee lad joined back in and gleefully played with the other players form the next 1.5 / 2 hours. Being in good hands, and with our local club table just being next to the 40k battlefield, this did leave me free to wander round a few stalls and look at a couple of tables, checking back every now and again to get an indepth description of the highlights so far.
The Demons take the field.

Out the numerous nice tables around I have to highlight one (especially for Halo*Star) that was gaming in 1:35 scale. I've not seen so much of the fabled "teddy bear fur" terrain, and the models were fantastic. The fact that this was also run as a Public Participation game made it all the more special (although I'd didn't get a game).

And what did I pick up at the stalls? Well after all the interest and a few discussions round the 40k table I decided that as a new player I was better to get the new Warhammer 40k rulebook instead of waiting for the condensed rulebook to appear on ebay when the new starter sets are released (September time in the rumours I've heard are correct). I found one trader with it in stock - it's a hefty tome! Also I realised I was going to need more dice, so some were purchased. That was pretty much that, really, aside from a few small extra Kalistra trench pieces to add on to me Carronade purchases and a trio of converted fantasy dwarf mutants to add to my "Songs of Blades..." warband.

I'd just like to finally extend my thanks to the Borders Battle Bunker crew for putting on such an excellent friendly game. Arabiansquire told me numerous times that he was "absolutely loving this game". Also extra thanks to the gent (a big thanks to John ) who gifted the wee lad one of his own models (a Space Wolf Biker) to cap off a great day. Great work guys.


  1. thanks for your kind words about our display/pp game, and we loved having your "wee bloke" involved in our game i look forward to hearing about your adventure into the 41st millennium.. you can proxy like mad but you just cant beat a space marine hope you got plenty money.... oh and the guy who gave you the wolf biker was john... not me my name is ian.. just happened on the blog while looking for pics of our board great work.....thanks again ian "borders battle bunker"

    1. Ian, thanks for the note and correction. I have been tentatively going down the Ultramarine route, but now thanks to you I hear "I really like Demons". Sigh. Fickle ten year gamers! Not like me, a fickle 40 yr old gamer ;-)

  2. Very good excellent photos!,

  3. ha ha well remember that going down the demonic route is a pretty good choice as i actually use wooden laser cut 25mm movement trays from "warbases" and roll the whole lot of them ranked up for fantasy as well. and some searching on the web will reveal some pretty good proxies, and you can easily use them for any other game you fancy, and as far as painting them goes the lad will easily manage to get amazing results all i did was use army painter red spray, black the blades and eyes and dip them.. check out ebay for the codex and go for it. an inspired choice by the boy...