Sunday 9 October 2022

The Trouble with Orcs (Part 8)

I've been seeing a load of Youtube videos on the latest fast painting trend going under the name "Slapchop" or more specifically "Slapchop v2" as demonstrated by Ninjon. Basically prime black, grey zenithal and heavy white dry brush before using translucent (or in most cases Contrast) paints.

Similar but slightly different to the last couple of Orcs I've done, so I thought I'd give it a go on a spare GW Orc I had in the pile.

Quite frankly I think I've found my favourite Orc skin technique so far (at least in the greenish range). With the priming prepping done (which I forgot to take a photo of!) the base Contrast colours were put down. The skin base is GW Contrast Plague Bearers Flesh.

After everything is dry I painted the teeth and eyes white and went over with all the skin (and teeth) with Guilliman Flesh, using a dry brush to take off the paint from upper parts of the teeth and eyes. The result is a slightly warm desaturated and slightly grimy skin tone without any highlights.

Now I have a load of GW Lord of the Rings Orcs and Urah Hai sitting in a box for a quick Dragon Rampant army and this quick technique looks like a candidate to get them started.

Next experiment will be a couple of LoTR Orcs....


  1. A quick second step for the skin is to do a thin wash with a darker green like Athonian Camoshade

  2. Nicely done. I'm beginning to try this 'Slap Chop' method myself.