Sunday, 25 September 2022

We are THE LAW


My Street Judges are finally finished, comprising of Judges Dredd and Anderson, the starter box Judge and Rookie and 2 boxes of Street Judges.

One of the boxes of Street Judges was given to me all painted up by my brother, halfway through my paint up as it happened. So I had to revisit my finished Judges (and tweak the in progress ones) to fit his, as his paint job is better than mine! Thankfully it just meant adding brighter highlights to the green pads, a richer wash and highlight to the yellows and adding a lighter blue to his tunics to bring them all close enough in line to work on the table.

Dredd's and Anderson's Lawmasters still need to be done when I can be bothered and the Specialist Judges would be a good addition but for now the numbers are certainly up for playing the Judge Dredd game or using the figures for other Sci-Fi games.

My Brother also painted for me the MC1 Arch Villains and Block Gang Reinforcements, which I'll post up in another post.

Oh and for my own future reference more than anything else, the paints I used:

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  1. Tremendous work. Those Judges really pop!!! Lovely paintwork indeed. You & your brother have done Dredd very proud!! Clearly you're both Squaxx dek Thargos. :-)