Saturday 5 November 2022

[Judge Dredd] Entering the Big Meg

Small corner of MC-1. A work in progress

My Brother, Halo*Star, had suggested doing some occasional gaming to get him out of the house and to get me some game time. As he'd gifted me a load of excellently painted JD figures (which I should really showcase in a post as there were more than the Judges already shown) it seemed obviously to start playing some Judge Dredd.

Judge Grice and his gang

These pictures are from our first game. 25pts a side. A Street Judge and Rookie were looking to break up a meeting with ex-Judge Grice and a trio of Gangers in a warehouse. No Big Meg or armoury cards were used as there was enough to get the hang already.

With the number of guns they were facing the Judges required some cover.

As expected the gangers didn't see the final story panel, but the experience of Grice saw him take out both Judges by the end.

After taking care of the Rookie, Grice wore down the Street Judge
and finished him off up close and personal.

We really enjoyed the activation and the added risk\reward of whether to put "Star" tokens back in the bag, especially when the action really hotted up towards the and game. The tactical decisions that were required to be made when the action was in close proximity as figures picked up both pin markers and wounds, and weighing up the stat implications of keeping wounds, was also good fun.

The aim is to play some sort of short campaign at roughly 6 week intervals. What form that takes we'll have to decide...


  1. Fun game system to play if you haven't tried it before. Recommended!