Tuesday 16 June 2020

Southern Man

I've been casually collecting together figures for an aridarabian style fantasy warband for quite a while and finally decided to start putting some paint on them. So here I have my first test figure. He is from Harlequin's old Lord of The Rings range, bought over by Black Tree Design and then subsequently again by Scotia Grendel. This is from the "Men of the South". I have to admit that the impetus for getting them out now is that I plan to start stocking the parts of the range in the store as part of the new 28mm stock.

Paints used (mainly for my own notes):

armour: GW Retribution armour
trouserssmock: Miniature Paints Pale Flesh, Vallejo Sepia wash, Pale Flash Highlight
boots & gloves: GW Contrast Snakebite Leather
Face: GW Calthan Brown, GW Bugmans Glow, P1 Flesh
Shield Snake: GW Contrast Orc Flesh


  1. They look interesting figures

    Whatrules do you intent to use the new warband for?

    1. Anything really, although the first thoughts of needing such a set of figures had come from looking at Two Hour Wargames fantasy rulesets where there are a few different environments on the maps.